Sexual assault on a student

Mohammed Wazir Khan

Mohammed Wazir Khan, the private school teacher convicted last month of sexually assaulting one of his female students, has been set by High Court Judge Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on $ 250,000 bail pending an appeal is being maintained.
As a condition of his bail, he has been ordered to present his passport to the Police.
Following a case before Magistrate Leron Daly, Khan was found guilty of the charge, which stated that he engaged in sexual activity with a child under 16 on March 9, 2019, thereby abusing a position of trust.
According to the facts of the case, Khan grabbed the young girl with her penis and squeezed her breasts and buttocks. In addition to his prison sentence, Khan was ordered to pay a $ 1 million fine.
However, through his lawyer, Khan filed an appeal, asking that his conviction and sentence be set aside. The convict argues, among other things, that the magistrate showed unlimited human emotion with the victim’s testimony, which created an unfair trial. He also argues that the Magistrate erred in law when he considered that there was a “strong suspicion” that he may well have committed the offense. According to Khan’s lawyer, this suspicion could not justify holding a conviction in all the circumstances of the case.
Further, Khan asks the court to set an early date for hearing his appeal.

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