Guns, ammo found in a car in Weldaad

Ranges from Guyana Police this morning intercepted a car with a quantity of bullets and a gun at Weldaad, West Coast Berbice (WCB).

The incident happened around 04:30h only.

Police said a silver gray car drove into Weldaad’s back street in an attempt to avoid a stop and search that was taking place in Weldaad Public Road.

Officers carrying out the operation observed car movements and proceeded in the same direction where the vehicle was seen parked with the car lights off.

Following this observation, the ranks proceeded to the vehicle when two people got out of the car and fled the scene, leaving the driveway behind.

A search was conducted in the driver’s presence and police found 2 boxes containing a total of 35 12-guage ammunition; slasher; a Yamaha boat engine; gasoline bottle; RB battery; power bar; mixer; and a toolkit with equipment.

Further checks carried out in the area where the occupants escaped led to the discovery of a 12-gun Remington shotgun.

The items were delivered and the driver was arrested while the investigation continued.

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