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Guyana Police needs to be more proactive


Kaieteur News – An important feature of our daily life in a place called Guyana is the understanding that we must be vigilant for thieves and thieves. They are all around us, so to speak, our country is being invaded by them. Our country is a plague with them, and one particular region is identified as their headquarters. Region Four and its environs is a regular stomping ground for such people, who incentivize their trade with great freedom and I say that if nothing definitive is done about them, then Guyana will become a wasteland where that no one – especially the investor – would want to do business here.
Thieves and thieves hamper progress because regularly, we hear about armed robbery and robbery of someone or someone’s place of business by armed thugs. The very fabric of our existence stumbles because you are in pains to know who the next victim might be. Very often, too, we hear of the shooting death of people who go about their usual daily pursuit only to be sewn down and stolen.
It is humiliating to say the least that you cannot conduct your affairs in peace and quiet without being caught by some thief who actually believes it is a right to take what you have powerfully and transform it for his own use . This is illegal at its peak. So we have to come up with an agreed plan of action to stop this scourge in our society.
Now one of the most important strategies in fighting crime is to try to get into the mind of the culprit, to try to know what makes him successful in his craft. We have to get into his thinking and come up with strategies that can confuse his actions. One such act is the element of surprise. Thieves strike where and when you least expect and this factor has enabled them to be successful in their non-business practice. In this regard, we must counteract that illegal and deadly act with our own crime-fighting skills that would render them ineffective.
Our police must step up their game; they need to be more proactive. The Police must step up its patrol and not wait for things to happen. They have to chase the criminals and get them and their weapons, before they get other unknowing civilians. Random stop and search exercises are required; you see loads of men, stop them and search them, the message must be nowhere that is a safe haven for criminals. I advocate the establishment of temporary roadblocks at various points and hours; in this way it will upset the offender’s plans.
Another is to make unexpected raids in known criminal raids, the more criminals and their weapons are netted, the more it reduces their ability to trouble. Offenders must be forced to become nervous wherever they are in restoring peace and stability to our citizens.

Respectfully presented,
Neil Adams