GWI assesses the work required at Linden treatment works

The Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Water Incorporated, Shaik Baksh and a technical team, visited Linden, Region 10 to assess the state of the water treatment works in the region. This was done with a view to specifying the upgrade and maintenance work required in 2021 at the works. Linden has five treatment plants and the team managed to visit Wisroc Ward, Linden Power (LPC) and Amelia’s Ward facilities.

“We have looked at three of these treatment works. They’ve run down some I have to say. I have to admit that these plants have been poorly maintained over the years and it is my intention to re-establish these plants to bring them to an acceptable level of performance so that Linden people have a good supply of water manipulated, ”Baksh explained. This is part of the utility’s efforts to provide 85 percent access to treated water by 2025, as outlined in its Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

“I’ve already made bids, investment proposals in the 2021 budget and I’m hopeful that I’ll get the money so we can get started as early as possible. It does not look good in some of the plants. It has deteriorated. Pumps are needed, some of the storage tanks are leaking and these things; so I’m in a hurry to try and get the money to start improving this system, ”said the CEO. He plans to return to get a first-hand look at the condition of the two remaining plants – Mackenzie and West Watooka.

Meanwhile, GWI Region 10 Manager Rawle Friday said the visit of the CEO and technical team bodes well for the region in 2021. He expressed hope that the necessary capital investment will be made to re-establish the plants. “As a manager, one who has to manage a utility system, it is incumbent on the necessary maintenance, that the necessary injection of capital financing is done. Mr Baksh would have mentioned that some of those were missing over the past few years, ”he added.

According to Friday, while Lindeners enjoys some service, the intention is to get the best out of service. GWI’s Head of Water Quality, Dr. Dean Anderson, stated that the quality of water in most plants was within the parameters of the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, he added, the company is working to ensure continuous improvement. However, he acknowledged that some interventions, such as reducing the use of chemicals, optimizing the filter media at some of the treatment facilities as well as considering drilling a new well at LPC Water Treatment Works, all needed to keep in aim to produce high quality water with low production cost.

“We’ve heard the feedback from the community and we’re going to make sure that the water that comes through your taps will continue to be of good quality,” noted Dr. Anderson. The Amelia ward facility is served by wells while the Wisroc and LPC plants have their water source, Dakoura Creek and the Demerara River respectively. Baksh stressed that GWI will work to convene a meeting of all stakeholders to ensure everyone is on board to implement the Dakoura Creek Threshold Management Plan. The clear water inlet is currently a water source for some 12,000 residents and the scheme seeks to maintain this water source.