Heavy rainfall, above average tides are expected over the next two days

RESIDENTS are advised to take all necessary precautions, as the National Weather Watch Center has indicated that moderate to heavy rainfall and above normal tide is expected from Friday, April 9, 2021 to Sunday, April 11, 2021.
The severe weather forecast is due to troughs expected to open throughout Guyana from Friday to Sunday.
A trough is defined as a ribbon region of relatively low atmospheric pressure without a closed isobaric contour that would define it as a low pressure area. Its motion induces the diversion of wind at the highest level, raising and cooling the air in front of you (downstream) from the trough and helping to produce cloudy and raining conditions there.
According to the center, the weather is likely to deteriorate as these systems move across Guyana.
The result of this natural event will be persistent moderate to heavy rain showers and thunderstorms across Guyana. Periodic high intensity rainfall events are predicted over coastal areas within the early hours of the morning.

Rainfall, by center, is forecast between 60.0 mm to 100.0 mm within a 24-hour period, with maximum rainfall values ​​expected over coastal areas on Saturday and Sunday.
People are advised to take the necessary precaution in these conditions. Drivers and road users are also advised to exercise caution on roads, as visibility can be significantly impeded during periods of heavy showers and roads become slippery.
The center also warned that in addition to inclement weather, there will be high tides above normal, which is likely to lead to flooding in low lying, poorly drained and fluvial areas. There is also the possibility of landslides in hilly areas. The center noted that the Civil Defense Commission (CDC) will provide more updates as they become available. The Guyana Chronicle had recently reported that as Guyana continues to face threats of global warming and rising sea levels, the government has allocated a total of $ 5.1 billion to further strengthen the country’s sea and river defense infrastructure.

“Identified for this year is the construction, restoration and maintenance of sea and river defense infrastructure in areas including Dantzig, Prospect, Content, Fairfield, Zealand, Cane Garden, Uitvlugt, Anna Catherina, No. 63 Beach, Manila, and Bygeval, ”Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, during his presentation of the 2021 Budget in February. During his presentation, Dr. Singh said that the consequences of climate change, including rising sea levels, on Guyana’s coastal defense and river infrastructure can have a devastating impact on Guyana’s economy, as most of its residents are at low coastal plain. .
The minister referred in particular to the fragility of the Dantzig sea defenses, Mahaicony, which recently suffered a massive breach which devastated residents, particularly the farming community, who suffered loss to property, livestock and farming activities.
“Mr. Spokesman, the government continues to closely monitor our beach line, by reconstructing the sea defense rangers, using drone technology to monitor shoreline movement and erosion and accretion cycle, intensifying routine maintenance, and deploying piles of armor rock to strategic locations, to ensure. fast response mechanisms are in place to avoid breaches, ”Singh noted.