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Honesty is the best policy

Kaieteur News – If the APNU + AFC is serious about honestly and honestly assessing its loss in the 2020 elections, it must stop the parody, stop the blame game and be prepared to be completely straight about his record of governance.
The APNU + AFC continues to make itself look funny with its Trump-like complaint that he was cheated out of election victory because the dead and immigrants came out and voted. The concocted and puerile excuse that APNU + AFC tried to fool its supporters with, was exactly the excuse the PNC used to deny democracy in Guyana for nearly a quarter of a century.
One PNC / R leader went on national television and announced that the dead had risen from their fight, voted and then promptly returned to the cemetery. The leader also claimed that foreign residents voted.
That leader’s excuse may well have been lifted from an extract from Roy Heath’s Guyanese novel, The Ministry of Hope, in which he described the PNC’s election rigging. Heath wrote of the PNC / R, “They had things their own way for more than two decades with their fake registers and mysterious resurrections of the dead, which appeared in polling stations, voted and returned promptly to their resting places in cemeteries all over the country; not to mention the migration of potential foreign-born citizens, whose ocean-skipping antics would have done justice to the comic strip plastic guy. ”
Until the APNU + AFC disables him to believe his own propaganda, he will continue to issue delusional statements and be caught by his own silly excuses, rather than face up to the factors that led to his defeat in the March 2 polls.
He must also omit the blame game. He will eventually condemn the whole community by the time his delusional saga ends. First the Russians said to be behind the conspiracy to wipe out APNU + AFC votes. She never produced a piece of evidence to confirm Russian treatment in the elections, replacing science fiction and espionage to explain her electoral defeat.
Then when his attempt to bring back the elections resumed, including because the international community had rejected the BINGO conspiracy to interfere with the tables, the APNU + AFC resorted to blaming Americans for what he said was a conspiracy of regime change. The Coalition should have asked themselves how within a short space of five years, it moved from being broadcasts from the West to running afoul of them. They even targeted Caribbean leaders after the CARICOM investigation team dismissed their allegations of electoral fraud as a “fishing expedition.”
The blame game continues now again with another APNU + AFC leader claiming Global Witness was involved in influencing the outcome of the 2020 elections. The said leader did not address how his Coalition was, with huge media resources state, available, contradicts anything said in the Global Witness Report on the oil negotiations.
There is more in the mortar than on the pestle in terms of Global Witness’s decision to withdraw a report it had made on the oil deal because of the need not to be distorted from its core mission of tackling climate change. The media needs to investigate the real reasons why Global Witness is now focusing on climate change and moving away from its criticism of the oil and gas industry, especially considering that fossil fuels are one of ‘ r the major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions.
Strangely, one of the champions of the environment, Conservation International, has quietly gone over the threat of Exxon blazing into the environment. In fact he has hardly raised a finger to speak out against the oil companies. And his silence was even more deafening after Conservation International benefited from US $ 10M from the oil company in 2018.
The APNU + AFC is unlikely to return to its political post in the near future. He shot himself in the foot by his antics in the five months between March 2, 2020 and August 2, 2020.
But the least he owes to himself and the thousands of supporters who voted for him, to at least try to understand why he was rejected by a majority of Guyanese. Unless it engages in this kind of intervention, it will be replaced by other parties and reduced to a footnote in Guyana’s political future.

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