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Hussain optimistic as GGA / Nexgen Golf Academy explores new heights

Nine lawns allow a par three course for the beginners and provides challenges for players to set up by bringing water to play.

Kaieteur News – “Never accept what others always did if you wanted to create something spectacular,” says Aleem Hussain as he challenges the usual challenge and design of Golf courses that have shaped the game around the world .
The keen golfer and entrepreneur said the game’s growth has always been hampered by two things – the amount and cost of land needed close to populated areas and the cost of maintaining such a large area of ​​land, resulting in the exclusion of the majority of our population due to affordability.
“Just being told that a golf course should be nine or 18 fair ways does not mean that we can design a course. This unique approach allows us to reduce the cost and size of the land (only 10 acres is required), significantly reducing the cost of maintenance and passing those savings on to players, especially new ones, ”noted Hussain .

Aleem Hussain

“New players should be encouraged to learn the game under the best conditions and experienced players face a challenging course yet reap the rewards if they manage it well. This innovative design will fulfill both goals as it provides for three fairways and nine lawns, with lots of sand traps and water hazards that will increase the difficulty for good players. “
By playing from different tee boxes and finishing the holes on various greens, it can be a different course each time it is played, effectively giving players more of a challenge than a traditional course. Thick boxes and tall lawns that are up to eight feet above fairways, well protected by challenging bunkers and shots across water hazards will test the nerves and skill of every Tiger Woods wannabe.
It is estimated that a course will consist of approximately 300 rounds per week or 600 players per month assuming an average play twice a month. As such, while Nexgen Global expects to complete three new courses in 2021, with the number of new players and an influx of remigrants and expats, the demand for as many as 10 courses will be created by the end of 2022.
With over 100,000 schoolchildren in Guyana, and golf a covid-19 compliant sport that allows great scholarship potential and excellent networking opportunities for young players to meet and mix with top managers and executives of the growing oil and gas industry , the circumstances are perfect. for the growth of the sport.
Seeking to make golf one of the most recognized sports in Guyana, the president of the Guyana Golf Association has leveraged partnerships with many organizations and companies to help make this dream a reality. “It all started with the Guyana Scout Association and the Guyana Teachers Union grounds at Georgetown on Woolford Avenue which allowed hundreds of new players to be exposed to the game in just a few short months.”
And with the support of long-standing sponsors like Giftland Mall, Macorp, Assuria General Insurance, Guyana Beverages, AR Printery, Banks Dih, Vivaanta Spa, Trophy Stall, Nesha’s Flowerland, and Copa Airlines, among others who have been firmly behind the development of the a feat for many years, the GGA is confident that it will be able to deliver on its promises.
Hussain explained that much has been achieved through generous donations of equipment and services from Guyanese abroad including Bill and Aleena Knight, Anwar Shaffie, Danny Ramnarain, Imtiaz Haniff and locally by Colin Ming, but with the explosive response from the schools so far, the need for as many as 3,000 golf clubs and 50,000 balls would arise to support the school program.
Because of these contributions, it currently costs kids $ 500 an hour to learn the game at the Academy and Hussain, with the support of corporate Guyana, said he expects the cost for a round should not nine holes for kids to be much taller.
For more information on Golf, the Academy or lessons, visit Facebook: Nexgen Golf Academy or call 645-0944.