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I find a totalitarian state, with opposing pockets only occasionally

Dear Editor,

The more I observe this country, the more I see a state going downhill. I applaud the handsome PPP leaders for their covert actions, but then that would be a party to the immortality of the ugly oppression present, where there is nothing for society, and everything for me, family and cronies. I’m lighting up.

At the top of the list of handiworks that can be traced directly to PPP’s manipulative leadership is the state of the opposition. He is helpless, both to himself and to Guyanese. I find it largely self-creating. However, I believe that the PPP has had considerable assistance in reducing the PNC + AFC to its current state of virtual malice and impotence. It has taken away the profits of the PPP, and passed it on to the citizens of this country with much damage done. From a PPP leadership perspective, it is worth every cent spent.

With the opposition out, another Bulwark surreptitiously surrounded and quietly neutralized is the Fourth Estate. There are stranger tears on the media, by surrounding government and party influences on existing channels and incoming outlets, most new practitioners. One himself (formerly unclean by law) is setting up a press residence here. It is confusing that such bold entrepreneurship is considered in a crowded field for a small audience; someone has money to burn: potentially huge losses are not a concern. Moreover, add the growing brigade of cyber fellows blackmailing the party line and mindlessly providing for the PPP leadership’s machinations: no hard questions, no push back, no penetration. The terrain surrounding Stabroek News, Kaieteur News, and Demerara Waves is tightening smoky: staff attract, barriers lifted, continuity impaired. Control the messages, overpower the audience. Total mind control is the ultimate objective. We are North Koreans.

Then, there is what is called charitable civil society. To say it is almost entirely under threat is an understatement, so low it has fallen. Its overlapping sectors – mostly private, professionally spasmodic, socially large, and spiritually abundant – have contaminated themselves with a love of money, a failure of principle, a prostitution of craven cult leadership, and in the distance thorough from the ethical and the national. The sacred gods and graces of most of the membership of those bodies are endless access and acquisitions of assets; they openly sell themselves for PPP funding. They hang themselves in public for the thirty pieces thrown their way: contract, job, project, any piece of the deed. Betrayal is cheap. To what honor, when is civil society shaded like a pig?

In non-trivial swathes, the Guyanese Judiciary is the epitome of perceived unreliability. Don’t take my representation for it. Besides the top, the founder of many truth-seekers before influence and environment; less grandeur of the law and more general passions and prejudices. Guyana Police on government spins and demands, is being treated accordingly. The public service infiltrates and explores big games about czars and fellows to oversee rackets. Politics is the word.

I find a totalitarian state, with opposing pockets only occasionally. A Guyanese arch before him. I’m a heretic.

Lall GHK