FIBA 2023 Basketball World Cup Pre-Qualification America…

By Timothy Jaikarran

Guyana will travel to El Salvador to compete in the FIBA ​​2023 Pre-Qualifying Basketball World Cup of America at the José Adolfo Pineda National Gym. In the meantime, team members are practicing hard as they try to come out one peak.
The Guyanese side has a load of experienced players, and despite having to face some tough opponents, they are expected to emerge as favorites.

Junior head coach Hercules

Head Coach of the national side, Junior Hercules, is adamant that the team selected boasts the right amount of experience and youth, who can do the job. In an interview with this publication, Hercules said, “My conclusion is that the team selected is the best team of players available. Good balance with experience and youth. Team preparation is satisfactory, given some restriction on COVID-19. We need more urgency and discipline from the defensive end, an area for which I believe we will improve as we continue to trust each other.
“I think the team will compete and perform well, once we continue to trust each other.”

The chosen side

Hercules also said that a lot of comments have been received about not choosing Dominic Vincente recently. However, he said he believes team selection has gone well, that the team is balanced, and that he is best at supporting his goals.
The head coach also relayed that as the team prepares to leave, Guyanese fans should continue to remember them in their prayers, so that they would remain safe and fearless as they represent the country they are in love her so dearly.
The top three (3) teams will advance to the second round of the FIBA ​​2023 Basketball World Cup – Former American Qualifiers in July 2021. The participating national teams now would include Costa Rica ( CRC), El Salvador (ESA), Guyana (GUY), Jamaica (JAM) and Nicaragua (NCA).
Team Guyana would begin their campaign against Nicaragua on Thursday, April 15 at 21: 00h GYT.

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