Importer alleged to have ‘bail’ on customers

On Wednesday, an importer, who allegedly failed to deliver 486 pine doors after receiving a trust of over $ 2M, was granted $ 200,000 bail by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan when he appeared at Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. James Emmanuel Ragnauth of Leonora, West Coast Demerara, pleaded not guilty to fraudulent misconduct. It is alleged that Ragnauth and Avinash Salim were known to each other. Salim often used Ragnauth’s services. Between July 8 and August 4 this year, Salim, made three sets of payments totaling $ 2,972,000 to Ragnauth for 486 pine doors. Ragnauth told him they were already on the jetty in Guyana. However, since Salim made his last payment, attempts to contact Ragnauth have been futile.

Salim noticed a bulletin he wanted for Ragnauth. Salim immediately made a report to the police. Ragnauth was arrested and told of the allegation. He claimed that the Brazilian company he made the purchase from had taken the doors back. Ragnauth had no documents to support this claim. Further investigations were carried out and the current charge was laid. Ragnauth currently has two issues of a similar nature pending. The matter was adjourned January 6.