Inclusion, unity and fairness in governance

MANY people in the civic component of the PPP / C joined the partnership because it is recognized that the PPP is an all-inclusive party, where all members are treated as part of an extended family, with one ultimate goal – to ensure national peace, progress and prosperity in a democratic society.
Inclusion is the very foundation of the party’s guiding principles because, crucially to every effort of the PPP, one persistent reality prevails, that our country is a tapestry nation of many ethnicities and cultures, all contributing richly to the a national whole. ; the strength of the party remains in recognizing and accepting, and even celebrating this fact.

The civic component of the PPP / C partnership is not a political strategy but a real relationship between non-political social activists and the political party that has piloted the struggle for democracy in Guyana. Since its conception and formation, the PPP has demonstrated its commitment to inclusion and fairness for all in its goals for Guyana’s independence and development.
However, the reverberations of the European plant democracy ‘divide and conquer’ strategy to manage the Guyanese workforce continue to affect this nation, to the point where skepticism of each other continues to hamper the fulfillment of the full potential for growth developmental in the country.
PPP / C leadership never appeals to one race rather than another; but it calls on all Guyanese citizens, as it has always done, to come together and defeat the forces that destroy working-class Guyanese unity and their survival systems.

Given the Coalition’s practices and actions, the accuracy of reports, and public perception, of a coalition-sponsored propagandist team conducting a cervical campaign against the leadership of the PPP / C cannot be doubted by letters to the media , continuing the accusations of violence and racist acts, as well as fraud and corrupt practices, constantly rebuked by well-known public figures, carefully designed to feed that campaign on the principle that lie eventually gets set up in public forums if told often enough.

While the governing party constantly challenges perpetrators of these disgusting allegations to engage in public debate in a forum of their choice, it clearly does not benefit them to engage in any debate that will expose their claims as crafty falsehoods . , engineered to distract the public from the very authentic stories and realities of their own divisive, corrupt and destructive practices during the roughly five years they presided over the affairs of this country.
Collaboration for a better Guyana is the PPP / C’s mantra, which even welcomes their detractors to be part of a partnership fostered by a party that forever holds hands in friendship with all Guyanese, regardless race, class or creed.