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A case of mistaken identity

Kaieteur News – It is a case of mishit, of an eerily efficient execution, which reportedly went wrong. We do not believe that anyone in his right mind would be as bold as to step forward, noting that the killers had got the wrong man, and that he was the intended target, and that those 20 bullets were all intended . But that’s what happened during the three-day holiday weekend at the end of March.
A Guyanese citizen, admittedly one who is most respected by more than a few of his peers, has not come forward to say that he was the intended victim of the Main Street murderous massacre of bullets that ended in execution. Of all appearances, that wicked hour on Main Street had only one objective and one objective. This was to give someone away authority and finality; one of these cases of carefully thought out and almost untimely cold-blooded execution. It would have been unthinkable, from the point of view of the perpetrators and presumed intellectual writers, if the intended target fell in that hail of steel. So many ingredients, so many pieces of evidence that speak to so much of what’s going on here, and how we’re here.
We are in a bad way, and one would hope that it is not the beginning of anything more ominous, those things that were not so long ago, as sinister and dilapidated to this society when they made their unverified rage. Like most Guyana, we in this paper have no knowledge, no insight, and no idea who the intended target was; that is, the real one, if there was to be another. But what we know is this: a man is shot like a dog in the street and that should be, with citizens moving forward and the police taking over, the problem is that he is not, because so much that is upsetting, all scary and dangerous.
That is, the execution was shocking in its courage and enlightening in its capacity and worrying at its mortality. We are going through this – as best we can reasonably, and hopefully in a sensible way – in a step-by-step effort to make sense of this, of what should scare all citizens, who are concerned about their safety. Meaning, their family, their community, and their country.
Initially, that execution has all the features of a carefully planned hit with careful and lengthy observation and intelligence gathering, to ensure that the time and place and target are all perfectly aligned. It was then just a matter of capturing the moment presented, and pulling the trigger. Clearly, it has been conducted clinically, and with meticulous military precision and precision, that few in this country can bear upon demanding circumstances. The only feather in the lotion at this time, and it is a sizable and exciting one, is this public allegation now circulating that the executioners have got the wrong man. It comes from the best possible source: one who should be familiar, and in this case, the intended victim himself.
To add to all this, potential performers and orchestras skilfully mapped out rapid withdrawals and retreats. The cover of darkness served well, and our wish in this paper is that more darkness does not cover what went down a few weeks ago on Main Street and within sight of the official home of the leader of this country. The appalling darkness of breaking an unrestricted curfew, smooth travel past police stations and police outlets, from muffled evidence from CCTV footage.
Finally, there was the issue of resources: manpower (primed executioners), financial power (refunds and destroyed vehicle), intelligence assets (awareness), cooperating assets (possible cover, as alleged and suspected) ). And, for the most part, the heavy blanket of silence that has rocked this heinous event ever since. As the days go by, that silence takes on a texture of impurity, how thick it is. The question that makes the rounds is simple: is this the beginning of more of these issues to happen? Like all Guyanese, we watch and wait.