India to help Guyana boost agriculture sector

The National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) has been invited to collaborate with the Agricultural Research Council of India (ICAR) to improve agriculture in Guyana. This was confirmed on Wednesday when the High Commissioner for India, Dr. KJ Srinivasa, with NAREI and interaction with CEO (CEO) Jagnarine Singh, scientists and researchers there. The High Commissioner also urged NAREI to upgrade its human resource capacity by sending personnel / scientists to India on fully funded scholarships for master’s and PhD programs in agriculture. The diplomat also toured the institute, including his laboratory and plant nurseries. The CEO briefed the High Commissioner about the activities carried out by NAREI and its network in each region of Guyana. During their discussion, attention was given to the cooperation of NAREI and ICAR in various crops such as rice, coconuts, potatoes and other vegetables and fruits to improve farming quality and output.
The High Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer also discussed collaboration between ICAR and NAREI in the development of planting and pest and disease control techniques among others.

The aim of the collaboration, he said, was to include technical support in producing all the above crops and sourcing planting materials, along with the necessary help.
It was agreed that the cooperation between the institutions of both countries will go a long way in promoting greater efficiency in the crop and agricultural products industry, providing better services in agricultural research, to ensure food security and empower farming communities.
NAREI has been in regular contact with the High Commission regarding collaboration with India in relevant fields as well as availing of training programs in India under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC). Many personnel at NAREI have done their masters and doctorate degrees in India through Indian Cultural Relations Council (ICCR) scholarships.
NAREI had also been liaising with the High Commission in connection with the Indian agricultural experts delegated to Guyana in recent years to lead and assist the Government of Guyana in various fields of agriculture. The High Commission is currently working on delegating Indian experts to Guyana in the sugar, rice, fisheries and aquaculture sectors.