Dear Editor,
First, he wrote letters – three in all – to Dr Keith Rowley, then this latest US Ambassador visit to Guyana. In both cases, he presents a bitter complaint about Dr Irfaan Alli’s mode of governance in this country as well as a request for the American Ambassador to express the Opposition’s views to their home Government.
This marks a stark contrast to the obvious and forgotten Coalition that we have become accustomed to in the past five-five years here in Guyana. They may have changed their ways, but have they? We will explore this aspect of that party as we go further into our discussion. But before we look in detail at this topic, I’d like to ask the PNC to clear up some sweeping anomalies.
Joseph Harmon must first recognize the PPP / C as the elected Government of Guyana. Up to this point, he has refused to give credit to this fact. I guess he’s still gripping after a loss in the opinion polls and that disgraceful attempt at that rigging stunt. These are the facts he must consider before we can safely move into the future.
GECOM and the International Community have closed that chapter of our democratic process, and declared the PPP / C winners of the March 2020 Elections, so there’s no point in damaging it, it’s time we moved on.
Finally, it is a pathetic demonstration, to say the least, that Harmon and Khemraj Ramjattan should approach the US Ambassador on any governance issue, because Mrs Sarah-Ann Lynch was present at the Ashmin Building during the brass rigging attempt. maintained. . There was nothing left to the imagination as the Coalition led that brass attack on our democratic process.
Further to him was the fact that Mrs Lynch herself had been the subject of all the explanations and payments from PNC supporters. The PNC refused access to the same ambassador when the recount began, so isn’t it ironic that Mr Harmon should be approaching Mrs Lynch to act on his behalf?
But this is the barefoot nature of the PNC, a party that is not ashamed. How far he can go with that kind of behavior remains to be seen. But what I am well aware of is that the US as well as the rest of the world are paying close attention to the actions of the PNC, to see if they can measure up to the bar of behaving as a civilized Opposition.

Neil Adams

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