Senior Magistrate Leron Daly issued 21 arrest warrants Friday for a group of COVID-19 guide violators who failed to appear in court.
The issues were called in Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and not all 21 of the people accused of breaching restrictions on social activities were a show.
When the cases were called on Friday, each person’s name was called three times by the court organizers inside and outside the court but no one answered the call.
Thus arrest warrants were issued for Eric Moses; Akisha forester; Natalie Cush; Jason Bacchus; Elizabeth Payne; Aaliyah Harding; Mark Jones; Lisa Smith; Faith Bacchus, Sarah Tucker; Selidyn Prescott; Abiola Lackno; Abiki Moses; Shania Carter; Tiffany Anthony; Roger James; Mark Blackman; Carl Adams; Tanesa Joseph; Tasha Payne and Janenda Singh.
The prosecution argues that the Joint Services ranks patrol after curfew time to ensure nightclubs and bars are closed when they noticed that although the Kairos Bar gate in Charlotte Street, Georgetown, is closed, loud noise and continually coming from inside.
As such, he ran off the club and knocked on the club door for about ten minutes.
When the club door opened, he saw the ranks of the defendants inside the club separate. As such, they were all arrested and released on station bail pending an appearance in court. However, their failure to make a court appearance led to the arrest warrants being issued. The case will continue on June 14. (R15)

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