It’s not your fault to be degraded for the new year

LAST Monday, the holiday season officially ended for many as employment spaces and schools reopened. The memes flooded social media for the horrors we were all feeling Sunday night, but what could we possibly do? The Earth continues to spin on its axis and we are all expected to keep up too. I was really inspired by my own feelings of downgrading and awfulness to write a column piece this week. The new year started in the militancy split but life from yesterday’s era still burdens us to the core. We are still expected to work, study and pay bills in the midst of chaos.

As I reminisce back to January 2020, I can clearly remember how calm and still life it was. I’m sure if many of us knew back then what we know now, you would wish those moments would never have ended. I know for sure I would. It’s been a challenging year for the entire human race on this planet. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for getting this far. Aside from the hardships faced, there is also the direct effect of COVID-19. Many lost loved ones, many are still quarantined, and many are on hospital respirators, while survivors of the virus face the emotional and mental challenges of being infected.

Students and teachers woke up Monday morning and probably rolled their eyes at their alarm clocks, some businessmen must have even yawned while watching, and some essential workers have probably sighed after arriving on time for her shift. I’m guilty of rolling my eyes and yawning and if I’m being honest, I’m not mad at myself for doing such a thing. I’ve been trying to keep my collection for so long, all year long without realizing that I’ve been doing that to cope with the view of this pandemic.

Yes, we need to be physically and mentally strong. Yes, we should adhere to COVID-19 restrictions. But, at the same time, we cannot avoid the truths about our wellbeing. I’ve been feeling “under the weather”, I’ve been feeling lonely because I can’t visit my friends and family and I’ve also been lacking in my studies lately. No, these are not excuses. This is really my testimony about the effects of an ongoing pandemic. I am sure many readers can identify and I am sure many face even worse challenges.
All in all, when we started our firefighters on January 1st, we did so with uncertainty and after the year we went up against, can you blame us? I try my best to find positive alternatives and outlets to release my negative emotions and feelings. So, I’m writing pieces like these with the hope of inspiring someone else who might be facing a similar situation. From music to art, indoor sports and even Netflix – find something positive that will ultimately inspire and motivate you for the year ahead. We can use the lessons learned from 2020 to make this year a better one, but lessons cannot bring change without the necessary steps.