Jamaica prohibits flights from the UK

Jamaica has imposed a two-week ban on flights from the United Kingdom, joining several countries to restrict travel from Britain over a new strain of the novel coronavirus, the Jamaican observer reported.

The country’s Health and Welfare Administration, in a statement announcing the ban, said it would take effect immediately and expire on January 4, 2021.

He noted, however, that flights from the UK arriving in the country over the next 24 hours and flying out to the UK will be allowed until midnight on Tuesday.

The health ministry said the country is expecting three flights from the UK in the next 24 hours, one of which is already on the way, but passengers on board those flights will be subject to quarantine and PCR testing at least 48 hours .

“Passengers will be banded for monitoring and discharged to complete their 14-day quarantine at home, while those found positive will be isolated in state facilities until they are removed. restored.

“Family members of people arriving on these flights will be able to raise their relatives after the minimum 48 hour quarantine. Family members are reminded that they must adhere strictly to the infection prevention and control measures when raising their relatives, as well as during the mandatory quarantine period as people can develop symptoms during the 14 quarantine periods and thus transmit ‘ r virus to others ”.

According to the statement, people arriving inland from other ports of entry throughout the UK will be required to adhere to all restrictions, in accordance with provisions under the Quarantine Act.

More than 25 countries have banned flights from the UK because of fears of a new strain of the coronavirus. Several other countries are expected to implement bans in the coming days.

The ban comes as the UK recorded 35,928 new coronavirus infections on Sunday – its highest daily rise.