Jamaican ‘Mongrel’ enjoying life in Canada

(Star of Jamaica) The Jamaican dog, Joseph, is certainly living a high life with his new owner Rachel Kornblum in Toronto, Canada.

One of 144 dogs flown on a chartered flight to Canada last month, Joseph was recently adopted by the 25-year-old elementary school teacher, who says the animal continues to warm the hearts of everyone he n encounter them.

“His name was Joseph, and we’ve kept that, but we’ve added a lot of nicknames that include ‘Jojo’, ‘Jo Shmo’, ‘Yoseph’, ‘Joe’, and ‘Joey’. Whatever comes out first, ”he laughed.

Kornblum said Joseph was easily adapted to be part of the family and was extremely comfortable, especially with his playmate, Bowser.

“After about a week of feeding him, he started to get comfortable with us, and he was excited to come out of his crate to greet us. Every morning, my nine-pound Shih Tzu greets him when he comes out of the crate, and they smell and lick each other. They love each other, ”said Kornblum. But he said he prefers to stay inside a downtown Toronto home.

“There are tons of impulses, which include construction trucks, construction guys, tall cars, groups of people, and so forth. He is quite scared and can’t concentrate on anything but survival. Although he does nothing more, he used to hide under cars and benches to escape the loud noises, ”he said.

Kornblum got Joseph through the dog adoption program led by Tammy Browne, the director of Animal Haven Haven. Because the dogs needed a proper home, Browne reached out to Save Our Scruff, a not-for-profit animal rescue organization in Canada, which welcomed its idea of ​​migrating the mongrel. When the dogs arrived, many people, including Kornblum, were very interested in becoming their new owners.


“Save our Scruff has a long process of adoption, where you fill in a ton of information and then they send you a picture of a dog they think might be a good fit. We saw Joseph’s cute face and we were sold. We wanted a low energy adult dog in particular, and Joseph is the laziest and most affectionate boy we’ve ever seen, ”he said. “He had two tick-borne diseases, but they are all treatable, and his blood cell count is good. It was smelly when we first got it, but after a bath it was as good as new. ”

Kornblum said when he first met his four-legged friend, he was shocked and refused to leave his crate. However, it didn’t take long for her to win it over with a piece of liver. Joseph has quickly taken to the new food.

“He especially loves our one to two ingredient delicacies, such as liver and blueberries, chicken and cucumber, pork and beets. He gets chicken feet, sometimes bacon, and plain chicken. He responds wonderfully, and seems extremely grateful and loves to eat our hands. He has recently learned the sound of the delicate drawer opening, and always greets us with ‘sitting’ as he knows this is what we are going to ask for. He’s a smart man, ”said Kornblum.

She said she had been involved with dogs all her life, having worked at a guide dog center in Israel. She has also taken many other dogs to her home.