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Keep a yuh long coat and boots on hand

Dem Boys Seh…

Kaieteur News – The weather forecast is similar to that of a dem politician. When dem tells yuh to walk, gate runs. Same with local south weather forecasts. When he tells yuh it’s not going to be a good day, walk with a yuh rain coat.
Last week people de weather seh said: “The 700 to 250 hPa reported that rides outweighed the continuous drying of these layers and a very active SAL that all contributed to the prevention of deep convection. However, disturbances in the lower atmosphere continue to spread across the predicted area producing some weak instability. Numerical models are projecting similar conditions for the next 24 – 48 hours with an increase in humidity and instability by this Saturday. “
Dem boys didn’t understand what all dat means. So dem boys ask a friend and he, it means heavy rain and flood. Dem boys rush fuh buy long boots. Dem got a hand but south flood came only from a broken koker. Not rain.
Now dice week, my boys read for a rain warning for a weekend tea. Dem nah boys know if fuh is laughing or crying or doing both. Dem seh how do we get between 60 mm to 100 mm of rainfall. Dat is between 2.3 and four inches of rainfall. And de Vee Pee seh did in 2005 how de Coast can only drain 1.5 inches a day. So dem boys keep fingers crossed.
A long time ago, dem had a radio publisher. People used to believe whatever he says. One day a caller called in and asked him if we are getting new rain at the weekend. He bluffs and tells all listeners, that it will be raining heavily and that dem muss will buy long boots and a rain coat.
When he finishes his program, he calls a hydrometric office. Dem tells him he is without a heavy hand. Not blowing rain rain.
South next week, he calls back the hydrometric office again. He asks dem if it’s raining on a tea weekend. Dem tell him yes. He goes on the air and tells the listeners to buy long boots and a rain coat because it is raining heavily. Again not a rain fall rain fall weekend.
South of third week, he calls back de hydromet office. He asks dem if it’s raining on the coming weekend. Dem tell him yes. He asks dem if dem is for sure. Dem seh yes again. He asks me how dem dem suh for sure.
The people of South hydromet say to him, “We’re sure; yuh nah see how many people buy long boots and a rain coat. ”
Talk half and remember that it’s best to be prepared to say sorry!