Kenkassie Lynch is appealing a murder conviction

KENKASSIE Lynch, who is currently serving 75 years imprisonment for murdering a mechanic in Mocha Arcadia, Demerara East Bank, has moved to the Court of Appeal seeking reversal of his conviction and sentence.
In May 2019, Lynch, 24, was sentenced by Justice Navindra Singh in the Demerara High Court before a 12-member mixed jury, with 15 witnesses testifying during the proceedings.
The indictment, on June 1, 2015, in Nelson Street, Mocha-Arcadia, EBD, read that Lynch murdered 23-year-old Terrence Lanferman.
Justice Singh started on a 60-year basis and then added 15 years to several aggravating factors, including using a gun to commit the act.
Lynch also contacted him a cousin, Sedley Liverpool, called ‘Birdman’. Liverpool was later charged with the murder of Lanferman and is currently awaiting trial in the High Court.
The Guyana Chronicle understands that the shooting stemmed from an argument between Birdman and Lanferman, but Lynch admitted that he alone did the shooting.

On the day in question, Lynch allegedly returned to Mocha and met his cousin, Liverpool. Lynch then proceeded to Nelson Street in the same community, to conduct surveillance of the Lanferman house, after which he returned to the ‘Birdman’ residence at about 19:00 hours; Liverpool then allegedly gave Lynch a handgun.
The two later returned to Nelson Street on a ‘CG’ motorcycle. While Liverpool was staying in a nearby street, Lynch probably entered the Lanferman residence and knocked on the front door. Lanferman opened his door and the gun fired against him.
Lynch’s attorney had moved to the Court of Appeal to overturn his client’s conviction and sentence.
The attorney alleges the trial judge erred in law when he admitted to evidence the cautionary statement given by Lynch to police.
In addition, another ground for the appeal was the view that the trial judge failed to adequately provide the jury with Lynch’s defense.