Kudos to Minister Ramson Jnr., GFF, K&S and team for leading Bounce Back successfully – Kaieteur News

Kudos to Minister Ramson Jnr., GFF, K&S and team for leading Bounce Back successfully


Kaieteur News – Greetings to all readers and Happy 2021 to everyone this year may be the time when we all bounce back from all the delights 2020 had to offer. Speaking of Bounce Back, I would like to compliment the Guyana Football Federation, Kashif and Shanghai Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, National Stadium Management and the Government of Guyana for allowing us to witness the charming and entertaining January football game 1st 2021.
All over the world many countries have started playing football and since then Guyana has joined them. Using the National Stadium was also a delicate gesture on behalf of the Government of Guyana and specifically Honorable Minister of Youth Culture and Sport, Attorney-at-Law, Charles Ramson (jnr}.
Editor I have been around for some time and had the opportunity to see about seven (7) other Sports Ministers in action and I am very impressed by the current Minister, he has the scarcity of knowing what to do, he has the ability to move sports to the next level, he has vision and the wisdom to succeed and he will.
Look at the way he acts he meets the grassroots players and women; essentially, sports in Guyana are played by the underprivileged and can and have made many Guyanese popular while enriching many. With a Minister of this category, we are on the right track.
The Government of Guyana and in particular the President of His Excellency Dr Irfan Ally are to be commended for choosing such an individual to run the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. Guyanese was of the impression that Mr Ramson would have been channeled into the Gas and Oil Sector, if that were done sport would have missed an opportunity to acquire such an individual, have you ever seen a mishap perceived has come right, then here is one that Guyana has benefited. The Oil sector may have suffered a loss but the Sport fraternity benefited tremendously.
International football is expected to be played in Guyana soon and we will be taking part in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers and the whole of Guyana would be supportive of the National Football Team that has been performing extremely oh well lately, however home viewers and support are integral. part of the team’s performance.
Remember 11.11.11 when Guyana defeated Trinidad and Tobago at the National Stadium, the crowd played an integral part in us achieving that famous victory. Editor with the Minister of Sport and the support of the Government of Guyana we saw Football being played at the National Stadium after a very long time, did you remember when the Kashif and Shanghai Foundation filled the National Stadium to its capacity, it can be done . again.
For the past few years, the National Football Team has been playing its International Matches at the Leonora Track and Field Center but there was little support. Most viewers and fans are based in the city and from the notoriously depressing areas and getting to Leonora every time a game is played can be very time consuming and expensive and ‘ as a result most are denied witnessing Guyana playing these games for the above reasons.
It is often mentioned and reasoned that the National Stadium is a cricket pitch of which we are all aware, and that football should not be played at the venue because the pitch will be damaged, Mr Editor, before we have the National, International Stadium. Football used to be played at the famous GCC Ground Bourda without much fuss.
Queens Park Oval in Trinidad and Tobago, Kensington Oval in Barbados, St Lucia and many more Caribbean Islands had, and still play, football games at their cricket venues. Preparing a cricket pitch is not rocket science and after playing a football game once there is no rain the damage is minimal and the repairs can be done in one (1) day and no longer than a week.
My one and all Guyana’s wish is that when the National Football Team is supposed to play in Guyana that the National Stadium is used. Football is played mainly by disadvantaged youth and the base of its support comes from these communities where they live, football is also fascinated by the presence of loved ones middle and upper class football and taking the games to the National Stadium will ensure that they take their family to witness the games, a comfortable and respectful atmosphere is the goal of a great environment hall and cohesion is implemented social.
In conclusion, I would like to once again thank the organizations responsible for playing the football game. To the GFF, staff and President Wayne Forde, you all did a great job.
To Kashif and Shanghai and employees your organizational ability was evident. To the National Covid-19 Task Force, kudos to you for ensuring that all protocols and guidelines are adhered to and implemented.
To Hits and Jams for your insightful organizing skills, thank you. Also, to the sponsors for supporting football at short notice, you are also thanked. Many thanks to the technical team for allowing us to see the game live on TV and Social Media.
All of this would not have been possible if it had not been done under the astute leadership of Honorable Sports Minister Mr Charles Ramson (jnr) whom I will declare as Guyana 2020 Man of the Year.
Also, to the Government of Guyana and its President Dr. Irfan Ally for their continued support of sport and football in general thank you very much. In 2021 Guyana needs cohesion, cooperation and stamina and we will emerge victorious from this pandemic. Thank you for your patience and tolerance.

Respectfully yours,
Eric St. Augustin