‘Lady Wendy’ launches book on entrepreneurship

A woman of several achievements, Wendy ‘Lady Wendy’ South, founder of Global Entrepreneur Mentorship Services (GEMS) on Thursday launched her book entitled Seven Missteps Made by New Entrepreneurs at Remas Guest House. She also recently released her first eBook on Amazon. The book was inspired by her contributions to SMEs. Apart from having a love for community development and inspiring others in business and entrepreneurship, South has run several of her own ventures including restaurants, beauty parlors, and management consulting firms. She has also hosted two seasons of a local talk show called “The Lady Wendy Show”.

Cover of Lady Wendy’s book.

After decades of working in the business sector, South has gained an understanding of the business world that led to the creation of a mentorship service dedicated to preventing the mistakes commonly made by entrepreneurs.

Founder of the Cultural Mosaic Festival and Guyanese Pavilion at Metro International Caravan in Toronto, she has achieved a “Merit Award for Outstanding Community Work” in Toronto, as well as a letter of appreciation from Mayor David Miller and former Education Minister Gerald Kennedy for service excellent volunteer. She has served on many boards, including vice chair of the Business Improvement Association.

South has gained a great deal of experience in this area, so her recently published book details the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and provides insights on how to avoid them and work towards growing their businesses. Her book not only covers the basic tenets of business, but also shares on the rarely disclosed information that can make or break a business.

By hosting “The Lady Wendy Show,” she was inspired by her encounters with small business owners and identified a strong need for mentorship, especially for those from marginalized communities.

She believes in the saying, “Business success is on your way, all you need is a willingness to learn from your mistakes and keep going.” Her years of experience have taught her to live life to the full, to take risks and never forget to live, laugh and love; important life lessons she encourages others to live by.

“Some of the topics covered can be found in interviews, articles, and occasionally online, but are not yet compiled in an easy to understand way. Concepts include Ikigai, WOM marketing, SWOT analysis, escalation processes, as well as the proper impact and use of modern rating systems or social media platforms on your new business. It also covers how to find the perfect location, how to properly expand your business, how to hire the perfect personnel, as well as how to write the perfect business plan, ”a statement stated. The book contains a bonus chapter that deals with the topic of unpredictable emergencies and beyond. Seven Mistakes Made by New Entrepreneurs can be purchased on Amazon.com.