Leader of the Opposition: Be responsible, prudent and considerate during the holidays

TODAY I’m joining our Christian brothers and sisters to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and perhaps the most important words of the Christian faith – It’s risen! I extend warm Easter greetings to everyone throughout our nation. I am aware that I am doing so at a time when the glorious message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a sign of life overcoming death, has never been more relevant and necessary, given the general situation in Guyana. At Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus – the most important event in Christianity which is the core of Jesus’ message, ministry and mission on earth.
It is a celebration of hope, reappearance and the ultimate triumph of life. Easter reaffirms the power of hope over fear and that the dawn of daylight will come at the end of a time of darkness.

This is our second Easter in the fall of the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent distribution of vaccines has given rise to some hope, but an atmosphere of fear for life and livelihoods in all sectors challenges this iota of hope.
Our ultimate hope is through our unwavering faith and resilience that this situation would change from darkness to hope, confidence and optimism. May the almighty God continue to bless us as people and direct our path. Let us hold hope and offer comfort to each other through our positive actions and with a determined spirit, knowing that we will rise above the challenges facing our beautiful country.
I wish all Guyanese a happy, safe and peaceful Easter. I urge you to be responsible, prudent and considerate during this holiday period.