Let law follow its course and stop being the mouth of a PPP – Harmon tells Private Sector Commission about dismissing GECOM officials

Last updated on Monday, 21 December 2020, 11:29 by Denis Chabrol

Joseph Harmon.

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon on Monday condemned the Private Sector Commission’s call for several electoral commission officers, who have been charged with election-related offenses, saying business organization must stop being mouth for the Progressive People’s Party.

“This is wicked and unacceptable. The APNU (Partnership for National Unity) condemns this kind of political posture by the Private Sector Commission, ”he said in an audio-recorded statement released to the media.

The PSC strongly suggested at the weekend that officials, who have been charged with election-related offenses, should not be at work in preparation for next year’s local government elections. “The APNU is not surprised but surprised that the Private Sector Commission is now openly advocating the position of the PPP regime and calling for the removal of some electoral commission staff, using the trumpet charges against them as an excuse to get rid of. of them, ”said Mr Harmon who is also an active member of the People’s National Congress (PNCR) Reform.

“It is appropriate to remind the Private Sector Commission that the rule of law must prevail and that these people are presumed innocent until guilty,” They are innocent until proven, “added Harmon. He reiterated the opposition coalition’s position that the PPP had been caught rigging those elections and that that position would be tested in the two election petitions filed by the opposition.

The High Court has not yet decided whether to dismiss the petitions on the basis of procedural aspects. The Leader of the Opposition urged that the courts should be allowed to do its job and that the law should be allowed to follow its course. “The Private Sector should therefore restrain itself and stop acting as the mouth of the PPP regime. The only mechanism that exists for dealing with irregularities at elections is the election petition. In the circumstances, the Private Sector Commission cannot and cannot pronounce when conducting elections. This should be left to the courts, ”he said.

Mr Harmon, who is also the General Secretary of the loose APNU, accused the PCC of receiving favors from the PPP but at the same time urged that business organization to “curb their mischief and exuberance and stop acting as puppets on PPP strand. ”

The accused are Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield, Deputy Chief Election Officer Roxanne Myers, District Four Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo, Information Technology Officer Enrique Livan and Sheffern Registration Officer February.

Mr. Lowenfield is currently on 146 days vacation leave ending January 30, 2021.

Election Commissioners representing the government and opposition have told News-Talk Radio / Demerara Waves Online News that the employment status of the accused officials has not been discussed by the seven-member decision-making body.