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Let the debate on partition be free and harmonious

Kindly let me respond respectfully to Freddie Kissoon’s column of 12-18-20 entitled “AFC senator openly called for ethnic division”.
Freddie Kissoon informs us that an African AFC MP has called for a split from Guyana and that his colleagues did not object. Why is Freddie so surprised? I for one support Mr. Eusi Kwayana’s original suggestion in 1961 to split Guyana. Freddie himself writes “In a troubled country ravaged by ethnic strife for 70 years, journalism owes the people of Guyana their leaders who want to overthrow Guyana.” So he said, so did Freddie. After 70 years, we still can’t come forward as the West Berbice riots have shown. Considering that there was no opposition from the rest of his AFC colleagues, it shows that basic sympathy for each group goes their separate ways from a party that gave it the best shot and sees no other way forward. What’s the fuss Freddie? Freddie wrote “In this county, a Member of Parliament who is really within his / her party hierarchy voiced a preference for ethnic segregation of Guyanese territory, and no media house, no other political party, no civil society. started a debate with this person about that unsustainable stance produced from a dangerous temperament ”.
Well thanks to Freddie the debate to split Guyana has started again as night after day. Let the truth be told without any prohibitions. Let the Press be free to facilitate the debate in a harmonious manner.
Let’s name some of the usual normal people who believe that their ethnicity comes first and that they would be better off on their own. Mr Lincoln Lewis wrote “I am African first and then Guyanese second”. Dr. David Hinds consistently argues from an Afrocentric point of view and has never rejected Mr Kwayana’s call for his partition. So too is Mr Eric Phillips whose Afrocentricities are legendary.
Freddie, there is nothing “shocking, sick or psychologically twisted” these days where race relations are at issue.
With Ms Kathy Hughes being investigated by the Ethnic Relations Commission over facebook comments what can be more surprising now for the AFC? They have finally awakened to the truth that everything is not right in the state of Denmark.

Sultan Mohamed