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Let there be light

Kaieteur News – The first spoken words recorded in the Holy Bible are these four profound words: “Let there be light.” One does not have to be a Christian, or even a subscriber to divine providence, or any kind of believer or follower, to receive and appreciate that light is about life. The only ones who are likely to disagree and distance from such an assertion are those who delight in an existence of deep darkness, such as witches and sorcerers, and those who operate best under cover of concealment . But, that same light that we seek for the things that mean much to us, the one light that we push towards, through a dense man-made darkness, and that one unchanging light that is pure when it is, and may be delayed and distorted, but it cannot be denied for too long.
In the heavy and depressing atmosphere of our continuing weaknesses, there was always the wisdom that there were things about this country that would emerge. Although most of our people were poor and at the lower end of the learning scale, there was that unclean instinct that somehow came from somewhere that this country was exceptionally blessed with many rich gifts. It could have come from God and heaven (for those who have faith in such things), or it could be the result of millions of years of nature and science (never ending mysteries in themselves) and it gave wealth to all those natural resources. this place of all places.
As time and awareness develop, and with the wider knowledge that comes from both, these dazzling national treasures emerge. There were and are bushes of gold in the earth, with tall arcadias of wood rising above it and, more recently, much oil and gas beneath our waters. It seems that in the midst of these tremendous blessings, we Guyanese have received an abundance of light, more than we can absorb and carry. But we don’t.
We do not have the brightest lights because there are men who stand in the way, determined in their unchangeable aspirations to block any light that would light us, the citizens of this wonderful country, with the fullness of the information that we need to value what we have, and how we must use it for the wider national benefit. We, the people, are the heirs and beneficiaries of those gifts, whether gold or diamond or bauxite, and especially that oil, which we know less than we should.
This is because we have men, political leaders that we voted for a national position, who prefer darkness to keep us in ignorance. They delight and revel in that darkness. These political leaders are hiding in darkness; they fear anything to do with the cleaning that comes from light. For light is too revealing of the unexplored things in which they relate to that oil, and which they work hard to keep indoors.
Light is too confirming how these slippery political magicians have smelled this oil and made themselves into full ogres, who must now hide from the truths that light would flash before Guyanese was forced to exist in a state of darkness for what belongs to them, is their own. Because our political leaders fear the light and push the light, they have transformed themselves into these dark, terrifying citizens of monstrosities, who are all children of this rich country.
Our governing leaders are afraid to speak up; they refrain from facing up to uttering one honest word that would shed light on what they have done, and what they have in vision and mind, with this treasure of oil holding them. Thus, they shelter in the thickest of darkness, which has taken over their hearts, their very existence. They can’t move, they don’t dare, because that would expose them and damn them. But we have news for them.
Our news is that in this publication we will commit all sinews to shining the sharpest and most sustainable piercing light on them. They can run as much as they want, but they can’t hide for too long. Soon, they will run out of darkness, as they touch over their own feet; the very darkness they retreat to and take comfort in will be their worst enemy. We’ll bring them to light somehow and sometime soon. Let there be light. Since we must be the brightest magnifying glass shining on them, then it must be.