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Lewd’s music in a minibus

Dear Editor

I left the 42 bus on Saturday afternoon in Stabroek and decided to speak to the driver. I asked him if it was necessary for him to play such loud and clear music to attract only travelers? He looked at me utterly wicked as if he hadn’t heard any of the words that had entertained us all the way from Diamond. For me they reached the depths of distress, but in the usual fashion all the passengers sat tight with their heads straight.
Whatever the driver eventually caught himself in and understood my drift, he started apologizing. At the same time his friend came to exchange a CD and overheard part of the conversation. ‘If you don’t like the music then get off the bus and the buddy started and proceed to make a scene in the bus park.
When I had finished talking and had left the park, the friend was directly in my path, pointing me to another guy and complaining about what he had heard. I looked at him and said, “That’s right, yes, I complained about the music”. What happened next was almost comical. I heard comments being shouted at me by different people.
Here are some I remember. Go back where you come from (because of my accent); you have to walk with your radio; you must have a taxi; you must use ear plugs; I stood there and asked a question. “So I’m not getting an opinion?” That’s when an older looking person turned to me and said “It’s public transport”. I replied to “Meaning?”. He said “If you don’t like the music tell the driver”. I said “I did and look at all this”. The abusive comments continued to flow until a woman told me “Don’t bother with them” and led me away.
Would the driver play that kind of music for his grandmother or his daughter’s younger sister or mother? No, but it’s okay to play it for a total group of strangers and if they don’t like it, it doesn’t matter because no traveler has the guts to tell him, Take away that damn nonsense! Therefore, the driver will never know the effect that the ‘music’ has on the psychological well-being of the passenger as it takes them into a seedy world where everything starts and ends with a woman’s private parts.
People, do not be thought into ignorance as ‘the friend’ who was offended because I have opinions and speak out. I want a better for Guyana and the Guyanese people. Lewd’s music does not reflect us as people or our culture. It should be enjoyed privately in the comfort of homes, not on ‘public’ transport. It causes more psychological damage to teens than you can imagine.
Lorraine Harris