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Lincoln Lewis and some other leaders are suicidal

Kaieteur News – We never use any adjective to describe the physical appearance of another human being. That’s a line you don’t cross in a civilized debate. But I don’t care how Lincoln Lewis describes me for a few reasons. Lewis does not attract Afro-Guyanese respect and is unable to string concepts together. Lewis’s aggressive cussing doesn’t influence anyone. One learns nothing intellectual from such unrivaled ranting. Lewis at 80 is now a fading character who has no standing in Guyanese society.
I don’t use social media. I don’t have a Facebook account but I hear some nasty racist stuff is published on Facebook by race-driven people. Now that Lewis has referred to me as ugly (see his letter of Dec. 30 where he refers to me as small in size and ugly), some people are going to get a license to comment on the physical appearance of others and their described as ugly. They’re going to do it impatiently.
Why? Because some people will be in a weak position to speak up. The anticipated response will go like this, “Where were you when Lewis wrote in the mainstream media that Freddie Kissoon was ugly.” Former Prime Minister Sam Hinds confronted Lewis’s humiliating practices and gutter with a civilized solution.
I’m going to leave this part of my column on the subject of my physical appearance by leaving it up to Guyanese to compare me and Lewis’s appearances, but an important minor incident must be mentioned in its context because it is a valuable lesson on life.
I had just joined the teaching staff at AS in 1986 where I taught the philosophy course that first year Social Science students are required to follow including law students. A law student came in the general office to look for me. Today it is one of the most successful names in the legal profession. One of the secretaries was in a frail mood and spoke non-stop. She said it was natural for a woman to want to marry a man with light skin. She went on to say that she doesn’t care what people say because all women want a light-skinned husband.
This young law student who was always joyful with the staff was not meant to be abusive. He thought he was just his joyful self. With a wide smile on his face, he said to her, “But look at you; what light skinned man would want to marry you? ”That girl’s face turned a pale shade of pale. I never saw her in that talkative mood again.
I believe in tit for tat when people attack you in the media. You have to answer because in doing so, you bring knowledge that people can learn from. In “pushing down”, Lewis does not provide intellectual ideas that readers can learn from. For example, he wrote that President Granger should have used his power to remove the March 2020 election results.
I responded by pointing out that the constitution does not give the president that authority even in a very small way. Instead of “cussing down” in his response, and explaining how the constitution allows the president to do so, he informs readers that I am an ugly man with a small frame and other abuse that graphically shows lack of civilized character.
I don’t know why Lewis thinks “cussing down” will stop me. He’s an idiot if he thinks so. In the six-day period, he has five letters on me in this newspaper “cussing down” like a madman. He says he plans to use his sledgehammer when writing about me. When I read that, I saw the opportunity to liken Lewis to the emperor who thought he was wearing new clothes but actually walking down the streets “in puris naturalibis” – naked naked.
Lewis’ hammer is so light that it weighs less than the cigarette that Lewis always has in his mouth. One hopes that Lewis is aware of the law of gravity. If the hammer is light like the cigarette then when Lewis throws it, it will fly away. I end this column with a prediction. You can always anticipate Lewis’s thinking. Lewis will reply and will go like this: “I claim he is an ugly man.”
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Editor’s Note: In order to retain some respect and ornament on these pages, this will be Mr.’s last response. Kissoon to Lincoln Lewis.