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Lincoln Lewis responds to Samuel Hinds


Kaieteur News – A response is being made to “Expect more nasty explosions like that of Lincoln Lewis unless we can go on a path of truths and reconciliation” (KN 6th January, 2021). Sam’s talk about truths and reconciliation is not new to society. Such talk has been bandied around for years, including during the time Hinds was President and Prime Minister. It remains informative that those who make these demands, having played leading roles in society, are not prepared to lead by example. For those people, such issues that matter to a nation forever sitting on a tension chick are a smiling issue; an opinion I do not share.
Sam has the opportunity to be what he believes society should do or deserve by leading the way. He played pivotal roles in the management of the nation at the political and corporate levels and has a real thing to do. He was identified as Prime Minister of the People’s Progressive / Civic Party (PPP / C) because, according to Cheddie Jagan, it would have been a bridge for Africans to benefit from the nation’s marriage under that government.
Let him give us the truth of his performance so that we can move towards the reconciliation he is calling for.
For his obvious concern for rigid elections and the stain he wants to attribute only to the African community, he need not forget that society is not blind to being a direct beneficiary of the 2006 Election. It is no secret to him sat for five years in the National Assembly on Region 10 of the Alliance for Change vote given to the PPP / C by GECOM Chief Election Officer Goocool Boodhoo. The person who calls himself a “proud Afro-Guyanese” should have refused to support the fraudulent assignment of a parliamentary seat, but he did not. In his proposal for truth and reconciliation, does Sam have a problem with this “crazy GECOM worker [Goocool Boodhoo]”Who personally benefited from it with a rigid assignment of votes (seats)? Or to him and those who supported or profited from this misconduct that the act was not wrong, corrupt?
Sam should know in the repertoire of evidence of electoral rigging or fraud that this is not a smiling issue. Truth and reconciliation require speaking truth in all its warts and glories. There is nothing and nothing excluded in the process, because reconciliation can never bring selective retelling of history or what is good and bad determined solely by who the beneficiary is, who fulfilled the law or who has’ to deprive.
Hinds and I worked in the bauxite community in Linden. He was head of the R&D Division. The state-owned company (GUYMINE) gave it an open and latitude check to research and develop new bauxite products. Let him come clean and admit to this nation that he has squandered the money and opportunity. On his watch no new product was developed. As a politician, but moreover Sam’s engineer is not blind to the fundamentals that evidence must lead the way in determining truth and reaching reconciliation.
He can’t help but point out that his truth, reconciliation and rigid election conversation were the result of inserting himself into the inhumane defense of my character and the badgering and humiliation of the African community by Freddie Kissoon. When Kissoon came to me and the community Sam was quiet and his insert here on generally accepted principles is only typical of what we see in real life in gangland warfare. I am not blind to his antics that remain true to his political role from the start.
If Sam believes that speaking truth to power amounts to “nasty explosions” then it is only a reflection of thought on issues that affect some but his views on the issue of protecting the African race from attacks and injustices will not unnecessary hindering me. Because even though such was never his interest, they still interest me.
I’ve had plenty of malicious distortions, lies and Black Kissoon attacks. Sam is free to be blind to them or take them with a smile, but I won’t. Whenever Kissoon tries to recreate my character and the Black community of which I am a part, I respond with the proverbial chord. Protecting myself and the group I identify with when I am under unnecessary, wicked and malicious attacks will not see me smiling or turning the other cheek.

Lincoln Lewis