Linden Classic set for May 29th – Kaieteur News

Linden Classic is set for May 29th

Last year’s winner of the Linden Classic, Novice Physique and Novice Bodybuilding and the winners of Bikini Fitness will also be in action.

Kaieteur News – The Guyana Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (GBBF) has partnered with Fitness Express to present its first bodybuilding and fitness competition for 2021 to the active athletes, the bodybuilding and fitness fraternity and the entire Guyana.
Called Mr Linden Classic 2021, this competition will be held at Lichas Hall in Linden on May 29th and according to a statement from the GBBF, is being held to celebrate life, health and fitness while promoting a healthy lifestyle of living and healthy living.
The event will also feature the Novice Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition 2021.
Athletes, backstage personnel and the GBBFF executive commit to observe all Covid-19 protocols. While on stage athletes will be required to stand 6 feet apart. In addition, backstage athletes will be required to wear their masks and maintain the mandatory physical distance. Judges will sit 6 feet apart and will be required to wear their masks.
On the night of the competition around 25 athletes will compete in the 3 different parts of the competition. These are:
1. Bodybuilding;
2. Bikini; a
3. Men’s Physics
And, some of the athletes already registered to compete include Mahendra Andy Ramjit, Quamie Ezra July, Shaquan Emmanuel Caleb, Gail Karim, Alexander Correia, Yusuf khan, Denroy Ross, Leson Quince Jones, Joel Ramnauth, Michael Cockfield, Mohamed kaliel Razack and Michael Sampson.