Linden woman missing days after she plans to move out of her boyfriend’s house – Kaieteur News

Linden woman missing days after she plans to move out of a girlfriend’s house

Missing: Shonnette Dover.

Kaieteur News – Relatives of Shonnette Dover, 21, of Wismar Linden, are calling on Linden police to investigate the circumstances surrounding her mysterious disappearance some days after she plans to move out of her boyfriend’s house.
Dover has been missing since Saturday, with the last person claiming to have seen her as a brother, Trion Dover, who said he gave her $ 2,000 after she asked him to ‘raise’. She said she was in the company of an unknown woman.
Division 10 Manager Hugh Winter said police are investigating the matter and have questioned all parties involved. He said information was being shared with the other divisions in the hope of finding it.
Speaking to Kaieteur News on the matter, Shonnette’s cousin Esther Dover said that Shonnette had trusted him just days before she disappeared that she wanted to move out of her boyfriend’s home because she was fed up with cheating.
“She was planning to leave her boyfriend to move back with the grandmother where we used to stay, she was planning to move back and leave… I’m the only person she told . I’m the only person who knows what she was planning … she’s a fraudster but she never mentioned being aggressive, “said Esther Dover.
She said according to Shonnette’s sister who was staying with her, she was last seen when she left for work but according to her colleagues, she never turned up to the bar where she was employed. He was last seen at work since last Thursday.
Her boyfriend Shaquan Allen, told Kaieteur News that he and Shonnette had no problems, but later in the phone interview, he said he saw a person’s name in his phone and when he asked her about it, told him not to inquire with her who is she talking to. He said he had also seen a fancy car drop him home from work some nights ago.
On the day in question when Shonnette was last seen, Allen said he had left her home, “well, good”.
“Me, she and her sister were at home, we had no problem, I woke up, made breakfast and ate,” she said. He continued to report that he then left to drop crutches for someone who was in an accident. From there, he said, “he went to his aunt’s house where he ate lunch and ‘chilled’ with his family before returning home.”
His girlfriend’s sister related to him that Shonnette had already left for work. He then dropped his little sister into another sister’s residence before going to a party in Blue Berry Hill with his friends, after which he said he returned home and realized Shonnette was not home.
“When I go to look and see, I saw the key right where I left the key and I said, this girl hasn’t come home but I know the first time she did something like that and when I looked for her, she did I was in her mother’s residence so I dug nothing, I slept, ”she said.
After calling his phone the next day and he was going to send a voicemail, he went over to the mother’s residence who told him Shonnette is not there and that he didn’t sleep there.
“Immediately, I start to get suspicious,” said Allen, “and I start calling all her friends to find out if they see this girl then I came to understand that the brother had seen her over the river (Mackenzie) with a daughter.
He said he decided to make a report at the police station on Monday with her family present and there his sister related that Shonnette allegedly saw someone else: “The sister is starting to say about this (name given) used it to meet up in her place and I’m now honest to learn about this (name given). He said he used to come and meet Shonnette at her house and Shonnette getting out to get in the car and they use it to meet regularly from the sister house. The same name he said he saw in his phone and the same car he said he saw dropping her home. ”
He said, “He was not aware that Shonnette was planning to leave and that she had moved out before because she found him cheating … he hopes to return her safely.”
Relatives have become even more concerned, following the discovery of the decomposed body of 19-year-old Joel Skeete, whose body was found between rocks on the west side of the Demerara River in Belle Vue. The teenager was reported missing last Wednesday after never returning home from an evening trip to the barber shop in the Harbor Bridge Mall.
Individuals with any information about Shonnette Dover’s whereabouts can contact the police or her grandmother, Constance Dover 442-1616 / 670-6846 or 671-6455.