The Miss World Guyana Foundation is looking for that one deputy to represent Guyana in the international slate pageant for the latter part of 2021.
As such, the organization is inviting young women of Guyanese heritage between the ages of 17 and 26 to apply to be part of the Miss World Guyana national competition.

Miss World Guyana 2014
Rafieya Husain

The Miss World program is designed to be an excellent vehicle for confidence building, career advancement and personal goals and in particular to leave a lasting positive legacy. It really represents the empowerment of women and is a mechanism to showcase national talent.
Also, representing Guyana on the Miss World stage is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The crown attracts a $ 5.5 million grand prize package.
As this year is one to inspire and give hope, Majesty International, the official Licensed Franchisee of Miss World Guyana, is joining several Guyanese talents to make a bold move into the film industry.
They will be giving a personal journey into the world beyond beauty and glamor with their first seasonal series entitled “Victoria Regia” – Guyana’s national flower in bloom; her journey to the Miss World crown.
The 12-episode semi-reality series will boost the tourism industry as it aims to showcase Guyana like never before. It will also include all the elements of fashion, entertainment, rustic critics and unbelievable storytelling, as it promotes the true values ​​and attributes of the Guyanese woman including the various aspects of preparation, planning, interviews and activities behind the curtains.

Miss World Guyana 2019 Joylyn Conway

“We contribute to the continuity of pageantry in some way,” noted National Director Natasha Martindale.
More so, the organization has been creating stars and superiors since debating at the Miss World With Beauty Purpose competition in the 1960s and will continue to do so now at a different level where the whole world is plugged in in and watching.
Guyana’s entrants will be the stars of the show and will support women in sport and fitness, community development, and promote the most talented and beautiful Guyanese women.
With a top 40 ranking in 2019 by Miss World Guyana 2019, Joylyn Conway, Guyana has had tremendous recent successes on the Miss World stage, including the top 10 overall finishers by Rafieya Husain in London in 2014 and Lisa Punch in China in 2015.
Perhaps the most notable success story on the Miss World stage is attributable to Shakira Baksh (Caine) who represented Guyana at Miss World in 1967 and who finished third overall.

Miss World Guyana 2015
Lisa Punch

He went on to launch his Modeling Career in London. The winner of Miss World Guyana 2021 will be entitled to represent the country as Miss Guyana at the Miss World 2021 competition which will be held in December. Miss World Guyana 2019 Joylyn Conway will crown her successor.

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