Mabaruma gets 24-hour electricity – News Room Guyana

The standard of living of residents in Mabaruma is expected to be improved with a 24-hour electricity supply to Barima-Waini township (Region One) from Sunday.

This follows the installation of a new genset at Mabaruma Power Station, which will address the experience of blackout residents.

During an inspection of the equipment on Saturday, Public Works Minister Juan Edghill expressed his approval for the rapid way in which power station staff installed the genset.

“I am delighted that the engine arrived on Thursday, and today on Saturday it is already installed and operational. So, that’s an immediate relief for the people of Mabaruma, ”said Minister Edghill.

Accompanying the Minister of Public Works was the Chairman of the District One Regional Democratic Council, Mr Brentnol Ashley who provided the background to the old electricity crisis in the township.

“Stealing the crankshaft from the 750kVa genset would have mushroomed, and other problems would have arisen as a result of the Government intervention to get a new generator so that the Mabaruma people would not be procured capable of suffering power cuts additional. ”

“With this engine in operation … we will be able to give our residents 24 hours of electricity,” continued the Regional Chairman.

Region One Regional Executive Officer, Regional Vice Chairman, and Mayor were also involved in the inspection of Mabaruma’s new genset.

The current Ministry has taken other major steps to increase the nation’s power productivity. The 10 new gensets worth nearly $ 500 million were recently acquired by Guyana Power and Light Inc.

Six of the gensets were successfully installed at Onverwagt and Sophia substations.

The Government has also outlined a series of plans to transform the energy sector, including but not limited to, an offshore gas facility and off-grid electricity supply from renewable energy sources (Reproduced from the Public Information Department .)