Make-up artist Miguel Ram is creating excitement

Since moving to Guyana from Venezuela four years ago, 26-year-old makeup artist and hairdryer Miguel Ram has been creating the buzz through his work.

Although he has been a hairdresser for seven years, Miguel explained that he spent most of his time training to perfect his skill for three of those years. He first practiced on cousin.

One of five sons, Miguel was born in the Spanish-speaking country. His parents had moved to

Venezuela where they met and got married. He said his parents brought them to Guyana every two years in August on vacation, until when they couldn’t travel for many years because his mother was ill. He eventually died.

Then four years ago, he accepted an invitation to attend the wedding of a cousin who lives in Guyana and decided to stay. She styled the bride’s hair and made her make-up. Those who saw or learned of the bride’s conversion, encouraged Miguel to continue and asked him to do their make-up as well. At first, everyone got makeovers for only once he started stepping up his game, he knew he should attach a cost to his service.

To perfect his skills, Miguel enrolled into make-up art classes provided by local artist Sueann Charles, one of his top five inspirations in the glitz and glam industry. The other four are former president of the Venezuela Miss / Mister Pageant Institute Osmel Sousa, Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela-born Miss Universe 2008 and entrepreneur and motivational speaker for youth), Ninoska Vasquez (Miss Tourism Universe 2014 and Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 plus top model), and Renan Ferrari, international hairdryer.

While attending classes, Miguel worked part time. With each new client, he posted pictures of his work on his Facebook page. By his second year here, Miguel landed a job with Truvanie Persaud, a former contestant for the Miss India Guyana Pageant 2017. Along with the Miss Congeniality and Best Catwalk Awards, he also won the Best Hair award, for which Miguel was responsible.

The following year, he worked with another Miss India Guyana contestant, Sharona Haniff who finished runner-up and Miss Bollywood 2018. Last year, Miguel worked with his fellow

Annessa Van Sluytman from Venezuelan, who was competing in Miss Earth Guyana’s pageant. He also finished in third place with awards for Best Costume and Best Catwalk. She also worked her magic in make-up and hairstyle on all five contestants in the Divya Jyoti

Sari Queen Society 2019.

Despite the pandemic, Miguel is preparing to provide all the glitz and glam necessary for another stunning beauty, Cintiana Harry, who will represent Guyana in Miss Earth’s virtual pageant later this year.

Speaking about his art, Miguel said, “Make-up is really about enhancing your own beauty. It’s not about looking like someone else but enhancing your own natural beauty. ”

As a make-up artist who dabbles in colors every day, Miguel is most enchanted by playing with nude scenes. “It looks day and night. With nudity, you can go simple or intense, ”he shared.

But it doesn’t always look subtle. Miguel can get bold too. He remembered a new client who showed up hoping to look subtle about a birthday party she was attending. Miguel thought that looking bold was the way to go, but his client was skeptical about it. Nevertheless, he decided to let it have its way. As he applied the make-up, Miguel recalled, the client questioned every bit. However, by the end, she was surprised and happy to have been opened to a unique look.

“Many boys in Guyana see it as a job for girls. But, I’ve changed a lot of men’s thinking with my work, ”says Miguel.

“You need a lot of patience to do this. Many of the men come with their girlfriends and sit through. This has [led] the guys to be more supportive. I remember I had a wedding to do where I did make-up for the bride. The groom had asked if guys cosmetics had done it too and I told him yes. I made a little foundation, concealer, powder, and eyelid look, and he liked it. ”

This marriage was one of many where Miguel was employed as a hairdresser and make-up artist. There were times when he was hired for two weddings in one day and this included the entire married party.

For all her faces, Samantha Persaud is her real source for all the major brand name cosmetics products.

The best part of what he does, the artist shares musically, especially for someone who considers himself an extrovert, is just meeting new people and this includes joining organizations to be assigned to work as an artist.

Miguel currently works at Jessica’s Beauty Salon at the Regent Multiplex Mall. Besides looking forward to improving the looks of his clients, he also anticipates eating empanadas from him

favorite Venezuelan seller. While currently working with another make-up artist, he

is eagerly looking forward to the day he can open his own salon, where everyone can feel welcome and afford a makeover even if they earn a low income wage.

Miguel can be followed on Facebook and Instagram at Beauty Creation Miguel.