Man dies in a fire at Nabaclis home

Nabaclis house on fire

A 27-year-old man was burnt alive after he allegedly set fire to his Lot 53 Nabaclis house, East Coast Demerara (ECD), this afternoon.

The man has been identified as Phineas Headley who is also known as a “tall man”.

One of the dead man’s relatives said INews they were at home when they were warned that black smoke was emanating from the Headley home.

According to the relative, they rushed to the scene and when they got there, the one-story wooden building was completely engulfed in flames, and the 27-year-old was lying in the yard with burns about his body.

“It was good all morning. He was walking around earlier in the day … We heard the shouts … he was on the ground and we tried to call people and warn people. Then we call the fire engine etc …, ”a family member.

Based on information that reached this publication, Headley and a woman he was in contact with had a heated argument earlier in the day when he accused her of being unfaithful.

In that regard, the victim allegedly set himself and the house on fire.

Headley had been living in the house for about two years before he met his demise.

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