A 28-year-old man who is challenging his conviction and 23 years in prison for raping a woman will know her fate today when the Guyana Court of Appeal delivers its verdict.

Guilty rapist: Calvin Ramcharran

Calvin Ramcharran on November 16, 2015, was sentenced by Justice Jo-Ann Barlow after a jury found him guilty of the crime. Subsequently, the abuser moved to the Court of Appeal arguing that his conviction cannot stand, and therefore requests the same, together with the custodial sentence, to be given aside.
At the outset of his High Court case in Demerara, Ramcharran had denied the charge and stated that he had engaged in sexual penetration with the young woman on July 23, 2012 without her consent in Soesdyke on Demerara of the East Bank (EBD).
Further, he was convicted and sentenced to prison on another charge, which stated that he had assaulted the woman during the rape, causing her serious bodily harm.
According to the evidence in the case, on the day in question, the woman went to a party with some friends and was making her way to the bathroom when Ramcharran followed her and asked her if she was “doing business, ”But said“ no. ”
However, she grabbed her hands and there was a fight between them, when Ramcharran hit her several times with a bottle to her head and then dragged her to the back of the building.
While there, he tagged and punched the victim, after which he sexually assaulted her. After committing the heinous act, he offered the woman $ 65,000 and left.
The victim alerted her friends, who immediately took her to seek medical attention. The matter was reported and Ramcharran was arrested and charged.

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