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Man, waitress arrested after bar robbery

Kaieteur News – A man and waitress are now in custody after being suspected of being involved in a bar robbery. According to a police report, the robbery happened last Wednesday around 20: 25hrs, at Sita’s Bar, Block ‘CC’ Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.
The report further noted that an eyewitness and other persons were at the bar when he saw the waitress talking to a man. The eyewitness told police, about five minutes later, that he noticed the man going back to the waitress, collecting his mobile phone and continuing to talk to her.
According to what the witness told police, a man in a black hoodie, fully disguised and armed with a firearm, ran to the bar. Two others, also covered in hoodies and fully masked, are reported to have entered the bar shortly thereafter, armed with cuttings.
The bandit with the firearm is alleged to have pointed the gun to one of the sponsor’s head and relieved it of $ 260,000, one Microsoft Lumina smartphone valued at $ 127,000 and one LG Aristo smartphone valued at $ 47,000. Meanwhile, the other two robbers armed with heart attacks released other persons from their valuables before the three escaped in an unknown direction.
According to police, during the stabbing, no shots were fired and no one was injured. The matter was reported; the police then contacted the waitress and the man speaking to her and took her into custody at Beterverwagting Police Station, East Coast Demerara. A search was conducted on the homes of the two suspects but nothing of evidential value was found. The investigation into the alleged theft under arms is ongoing.