Máximo – Kaieteur News Concacaf Qualifiers for Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup Players show constant presence and commitment as training motors

Máximo Concacaf Qualifiers for Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Players show constant presence and commitment as training motors

By Franklin Wilson
Kaieteur News– As the clock counts down to Guyana’s clash with Trinidad and Tobago on March 25th in the Twin Island Republic that will kick off this nation’s quest to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, the homegrown players have be going through the steps five days. per week (Monday to Thursday and Saturday mornings)

Leading Golden Jaguars tacticians! Márcio Máximo (Head Coach and Wilson Toledo (Assistant)

r graphical supervision of Senior Men’s National Team (SMNT) Head Coach, Márcio Máximo and his Technical Staff.
Drawn in Group F alongside Saint Kitts and Nevis, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, the Golden Jaguars will aim, although it may be difficult, to start their campaign with a good result against old rivals, the ‘Soca Warriors’.
Aware of the up-task but not insurmountable at hand, Máximo has informed that the players’ attitude to training despite the challenges posed by the covid-19 pandemic has been outstanding.
Ever since training began three weeks ago, the twenty-seven players, spanning four generations including under-17s, haven’t missed a day and been making great strides week after week. The average age of the team is 22 years.
While fitness is one of the main pillars, the dedicated staff have also been zooming in on the tactical and technical aspects of preparations to ensure that the team is in rare shape for combat.
“These players have been responding really well, of course they are not at the level we left before but they are improving very quickly. There is total concentration and you can see and feel the desire to do really well, ”Máximo pointed out that the team’s potential for growth is very exciting.

In terms of competitive practice in the form of friendly games, Máximo informed that plans were afoot to secure two games at the beginning of March, and that all was equal in terms of covid-19 challenges which remain the biggest challenge for all nations.

The former National player is now Golden Jaguars Assistant Coach Charles ‘Lily’ Pollard in conversation with his accusations following a recent training session.

“We are working on securing games but it is not yet compliant. We hope to get them here to promote the game but as you know, many countries have quarantine restrictions due to covid-19 when traveling so it is not easy but we are still trying. “
In addition, all coaches of the national team under 15 years old participate in the training sessions as they also learn from Brazilian tacticians, Máximo said.
“All the national coaches are involved, we also have regular meetings with them every week using the technology available, and they come to the training at least twice a week which is important ok for us. ”
He revealed that with this approach, there would be consistency of training, both tactically and technically with all national teams so that eventually they would all be on the same page when they get to the senior level.
“This is the medium and long-term program we have in place and we are very optimistic that we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the Caribbean and beyond.”