Mayor Narine: Easter represents victory and renewal

I would like to take this opportunity to extend heartfelt Easter wishes to the citizens of Georgetown City and Guyana in general.
Easter is the time of year when many Christian brothers and sisters celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, after three days of his crucifixion. The significance of these holidays represents Eternal Life after death for those who follow Jesus Christ. Leading up to Easter, many Christians observe a period of fasting (known as “Lent”), where Easter Sunday marks the end of their fasting. Easter also represents victory and renewal. It is a great example for our leaders to renew their honor and understand the significance of sacrifice and carefully put others first. Many symbols such as Easter eggs, rabbits, and kites will be found all over the world, whether for religious reasons or simply because these are traditions that many follow.

Traditionally in the city of Georgetown, many people love to congregate in the National Park and the breakwaters to fly their kites for the season. Many attend church gatherings for fellowship, where they offer their thanksgiving.
During this time, many people buy or bake cross buns. I admire our citizens for their optimism during this time, while staying hopeful and practicing love, care and patience As First Citizen of the city of Georgetown, I would like to remain hopeful that our citizens will remember that we are still in the In the midst of a pandemic, individuals will exercise their judgment carefully and continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines during the Easter holidays. I know many of you are looking forward to the events for the Easter season, but remember what this holiday represents, and I hope we remain hopeful and optimistic in these difficult times.
I wish you all an extra bright and happy Easter, filled with laughter, love, and soothing fun.