Michelle Playter is releasing an original Christmas song

Michelle Playter has dropped a second single in time for the holidays. “Oh Beautiful Christmas” is the singer’s second release in a few months.

Michelle, who is also a model, said, “For me Christmas is all about Christ and celebrating all his wonderful blessings. I’m so happy that the Christmas season is here because I have so much to celebrate and be thankful for … I always celebrate life but the Christmas season, I’m always excited and happy when the time comes this year of the year. Words are not enough to explain how much I love Christmas. ”

He added that the season is often a reflective time for people as they look back at everything they would have experienced and achieved over the year. Those who love Christmas as much as she does, says the singer, will easily identify with the song as she talks about the joy of the season.

“Oh Beautiful Christmas” was recorded by Ssignal Productions and produced by Bonny Alves who is also a close friend and knows there is potential. In fact, Michelle remembers the producer saying some time ago, ‘Mich we all know you as a good mother, a good model, a good cook and caterer, and a good make-up artist. It’s time for them to know you’re a good singer too ‘.

“I must say,” he added, “it’s a great blessing to have friends like Bonny and Charmaine [Blackman] in my life. It’s one thing to believe in yourself but it’s another when others can believe in you. ”

Michelle is already back in the studio working on several other Christmas songs. Originally from Kamuni Creek, Demerara River, she immigrated to Georgetown as a teenager and began modeling after being scouted by a modeling agency. However, Michelle’s first love is actually singing. He grew up in church and denied Gospel songs Sunday after Sunday. Michelle and other people in Kamuni Creek were expecting her to become a singer. The talk about this was endless. Some were surprised when she went on modeling but were not too shocked as she had the height and figure of the runway.

Michelle is also the founder of the Jaden Foundation, which caters to the needs of mothers and their special needs children, educating the moms on helping their children as well as empowering those who feel hopeless.

Apart from working in the studio, Michelle also coordinates the Jaden Foundation Christmas toy drive which will cater for Kwakwani children. The toy drive is put together by Michelle and Malika Russel, who is also a member of the Jaden Foundation who is said to be from the community for which it is catered for. People can make donations to the toy drive by contacting Russell at 670-6786.

Meanwhile, “Oh Beautiful Christmas” is on YouTube at https://youtu.be/sGjJMxCmD4k. For copies of the single, contact Michelle on Facebook at Michelle Simone Playter, on Instagram @Michele_playter or by email at [email protected].