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The Ministry of Finance warns of paying any fee

COVID-19 National cash grant update…

– flat homes without a main householder will have to fill in a ‘pink form’

Police station with delivery clerks in District Six (East Berbice).

Kaieteut News – The Ministry of Finance has updated the nation on its $ 25,000 COVID-19 cash distribution, but there seems to be little detail on when tenants and others will receive the one-off grant.
According to the ministry over the weekend, the distribution of the Government’s COVID-19 national cash grant started in the hinterland regions (Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine) and then moved on to Regions Two, Three, Five, Six and 10.
Subsequently, distribution teams began the distribution exercise in Region Four and this continues.
The ministry said it had already seen the impact of the grant.
“The first cash grant was announced by His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali in September this year. It numbered among a range of COVID-19 relief measures designed to bring immediate relief to people bearing the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulate economic growth, put Guyanese back to work, and remove the burdens a heavy tax implemented by the previous administration. The cash grant has been a timely economic stimulus and has catalysed business activity everywhere. We’ve seen how the shops have become abuzz and a smile has returned to our people who welcomed the initiative with glowing tributes. “
The ministry highlighted that President Ali, in his address to the nation, had spoken about ensuring that citizens’ lives are cared for, and this is one such initiative.
“The expectation of the President, and that of his entire administration, is that the process remains peaceful and free from abuse. All eligible households will receive the grant and His Excellency’s expectation that the distribution process will be completed as soon as possible. ”
It was explained that the COVID-19 cash grant is a single payment of $ 25,000 per main household.
The ministry noted, however, that the money went to the principal of the dwelling.
“It needs to be re-emphasized that the grant is not for every family. We know that some homes are large, and, in some cases, more than one family may be living in a household. However, where such a situation exists, the distribution clerks and regional supervisors are required to identify such cases so that those families can be considered in the future. “
The cash, the ministry said, will be announced by the regional distribution teams to the main householder.
“… And wherever there are other family members or tenants, as the case may be, those individuals get a ‘pink’ form, which will be a tool to use to check those applicants to ‘ w consider in the future. “
According to the ministry, the names, addresses, and contact information of individuals who were not at home during the distribution exercise will be collected, and arrangements will be made for them to collect their grants at a later date.
“Key householders are required to have a valid form of identification in their possession to receive the grant. A valid Guyana ID card, a valid driver’s license, or a valid passport are all effective forms of identification. ”
It has been revealed that two community distribution clerks wearing specially designed COVID-19 identification badges will visit homes accompanied by community leaders, armed police security and their supervisors.
“Having clearly identified the main householder, one clerk will issue a receipt for the grant to that householder and the other clerk will enclose the receipt immediately, by placing a sealed envelope containing include G $ 25,000 for the householder. If other households of the main householder live in the same house, those members will be registered and given a “pink” form. “
According to the ministry, in cases where there is no main householder on a site, but all resident families are tenants, all such households will receive the “pink” form.
“At the end of the day-to-day business, distribution clerks are required to surrender unused cash along with their receipt books for security management. At the end of the distribution exercise, all clerks submit their payment receipts for audit by the regional authorities and subsequently by the internal audit department of the Ministry of Finance. In this way there is careful scrutiny to ensure that published receipts are reconciled with distributed cash grants. Any discrepancies will be investigated and necessary action taken. ”
The ministry reaffirmed President Ali’s commitment over transparency and accountability with the initiative, saying the Auditor General had been asked to examine the entire distribution of the cash grant.
“Please note that there is no requirement to pre-register for the grant. The grant is delivered from house to house by authorized officers who must wear their COVID-19 identification badges. Grant can only be distributed by authorized officers and there is no fee for distribution. “
Distribution is currently underway on the East Coast and East Bank of Demerara and in Sophia, Greater Georgetown.
The Government had initially set aside $ 4.5B but that figure is expected to rise.