Ministry of Health dubs take “anti-vaxxer stance” as reckless, irresponsible – Kaieteur News

Ministry of Health dubs take an “anti-vaxxer stance” as reckless, irresponsible

– calls on people to stay home and go out only when needed

Kaieteur News – “Reckless and irresponsible” is the term embraced by the Ministry of Health to speak out against the “anti-vaxxer stance” taken by many Guyanese, as the government introduces its COVID-19 immunization program.
In a press release seeking to announce that a new group of people were eligible for vaccination, the Ministry noted that, as it continued to aggressively introduce the vaccination process, there were concerns about the “anti-vaxxers stance.” “While vaccination is not mandatory in Guyana, it is an effective public health measure that protects against some diseases. In the case of the COVID-19 vaccine, it will protect against serious diseases and, therefore, is essential for all citizens, ”the MOH noted.
He has therefore urged that those who vaccinate conspiracy theories in public should refrain from doing so. “The vaccines used will protect people, making them safer and preventing the COVID-19 virus. It will not turn anyone into something else; it will definitely not turn anyone into any animal. We urge citizens to dismiss these conspiracy theories and ignore those who spread wild stories, ”the Ministry asserted.
Furthermore, it was noted that the urgency to vaccinate is now at an all-time high, and is the only way out of the current pandemic. However, it will be time before all Guyanese are fully vaccinated against the deadly virus.
The Ministry also noted that adherence to the guidelines was essential to a list, noting that this was a “life and death” situation. He also noted that the “continuous reckless trekking around the country was playing a game of roulette with death angels,” and therefore he could not be more angry in his call for people to stay home and go out only when needed.
The new COVID-19 global surge was also highlighted and the Ministry acknowledged that Guyana had also been affected. He noted that after a year of circulation, the virus had become more effective at spreading during this new surge and had become more virulent and deadly.
In addition, he noted that hospital beds are becoming increasingly residential with COVID-19 patients, who are getting sick more quickly, noting that even young people, some without basic conditions, are not spared.