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Minority groups have always played a role in the battle of an offensive group

Dear Editor,
Respond to the false allegations of Donald Ramotar (KN 17th January 2021) and Vishnu Bisram (KN 13th January 2021).
Sam Hinds, as former Prime Minister and President during the PPP / C government, can be justified in providing evidence of what he did to the Black community in his respective portfolios.
It was Cheddie Jagan, citing Sam as his prime ministerial candidate, who said Hinds will be “the bridge” to the Black community. It is therefore dishonest for Ramotar to accuse those who ask Sam to provide his performance record of “continuing[ing] to pursue that racial line. ”
If Jagan, who thus saw and identified Sam as “the bridge” is not assaulted or accused of following a “racial line,” how in the name of heaven are those so trying to capture Sam liable to Jagans statement is the target for assault and charge? Something is definitely wrong with Ramotars’ reasoning or he deliberately challenges, deceives and sows further partitions based on lies.
He acts like the other Donald (Trump), displaying the penchant for distorting truths and keeping ethnic tension based on counterfeiting.
Now to Vishnu Bisram. Nothing he says would change the fact that he thrives on promoting racial victory. In this case, his professional ‘knowledge’ of the role of US Vice President Kamala Harris Black Jamaica, Donald Harris vis-à-vis her mother in Eastern India, Shyamala Gopalan Harris. Even if she were shown, for example, Harris’s post on her Instagram account (June 2020) she would still argue that her father was not playing a “significant role” in her life.
Harris said: – “My parents marched and shouted at the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Because of them and the folks who also took to the streets to fight for justice that I am where I am. They set the path for me, being only the second Black woman ever elected to the United States Senate…. ”
It would come as no surprise if he found some other reason to depreciate this passage, given the equal prominence of both parents, which would make his mind uncomfortable.
To his alleged assertion of supporting Black causes in the US where he is a beneficiary of African Americans’ struggles for civil, voting, fair housing, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and other rights, he is reminded that “he is given a lot. expected. ”
On the issue of races and other ethnic groups in Black American struggles, Bisram is reminded that such support is no different from the white abolitionists in the Black struggle for enfranchisement, not unlike the Indian struggle to end white colonialism or in the West Indies for independence.
Minority groups have always played a role in the battle of an offensive group. What such action affirms is the nature of the unity of decent people in the struggle for universal justice. It is affirmed from acknowledging and appreciating that what affects one invariably affects everyone, that your peace is interwoven with my peace. And while having opportunities as a minority race on another man’s land it creates roadblocks to the Black Battles in Guyana to enjoy what it enjoys in the US
I remain unapologetic in my firm stance defending lands in Kingelly WCB still owned, in accordance with Transport # 4246 dated July 1851, by my great ancestor Cudjoe McPherson. As a descendant and one of his many heirs there will be no surrender to ensure that the vacant lands remain in the family’s ownership. I will not be deterred or distracted.
Let me remind Bisram that he got into the conversation with a liar that employees he had spoken to should say that Lewis should take jobs like his predecessor Joseph Pollydore’s job and be supportive of what is right not what favors his grace. ” In all of its responses it has failed to provide any shred of evidence where I have acted impatiently for the rights of any group, any race, including mine.
No employee told him anything but over the years he has had a free trading run of lies.
In societies like ours, where lie writers and reckless statements about individuals in the media go unchallenged, the bearers of this public evil are shaping a false narrative and transforming the names of those who worked hard to build and maintain their character. We cannot allow these mischief makers to create alternate reality, where the truth is no longer true because they say so. They play a dangerous game and together they do more harm than good to society. Those affected must fight back by speaking out.
Lincoln Lewis