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A missing youth was found floating in a recess

Died, Avinash Fernandes called ‘Avi.’

Kaieteur News – Days after a 20-year-old pork belly went missing, his body was found yesterday morning floating in a recess. Deceased is Avinash Fernandes named ‘Avi,’ from Mabaruma Compound, Northwest Region (NWD), Region One.
Yesterday yesterday Guyana Police (GPF) at around 07:00 hours. the young man reported missing and was last seen on April 5, 2021, at about 21:00 hours. at a camp site at 13 Miles Trail, Backdam Line, Arakaka, NWD.
However, hours after the GPF reported Fernandes missing, her sister stated in a Facebook post that she was praying for her brother to return home safe and alive. The post further noted that she received a phone call from her mother later in the morning, who told her the tragic news that her brother had been found dead.
Police were then contacted, who confirmed yesterday afternoon in a subsequent report that Fernandes’ body was found floating in the Arakaka River, in NWD.
In that report, police noted that Fernandes’ body was found between 07:00 hours. and 11:45 hours, yesterday by a party of policemen, along with Keith Alphonso, the man Fernandes had worked for.
The report further noted that Fernandes’ remains were in a state of decomposition when it was discovered. The body was then taken to Port Kaituma Public Hospital, for observation and no marks of violence were seen on Fernandes’ body.