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A mother of 6 fears for her life – Complaints about emotional torture from an abusive ex-boyfriend

Kaieteur News -For refusing an offer from her ex-boyfriend – who recently came out of prison – to rekindle their relationship, the mother of six has been living in constant fear that every day could be her last. From the moment she refused; the woman said her ex-partner had been using his free time to emotionally torture her.
During an interview with Kaieteur News, Sandy (not her real name), a part-time school teacher and bread seller, noted that 39-year-old Stravo Evans of Albouystown, Georgetown had been harassing her in person and over the phone.
This publication understands that Sandy and Evans shared a relationship two years before the first one ended the same on the grounds of abuse. According to reports, on October 18, 2019, the woman had informed police that Evans threatened to kill her after her romance ended.
During July 2018, Evans was sentenced in absentia for unlawful possession of a gun. He was abducted during December 2019 and placed in jail to serve his sentence. Since her release this year, the mother of six said the ex-con had been harassing her.
The woman said she wants nothing with her ex-boyfriend.
According to her, Evans first got in touch on the night of March 24, 2021. The woman said that night she was in bed when she received a phone call.
“When I answer the phone, it was Stravo … he told me he was sorry for what he had done in the past and told me he won’t do anything for me,” Sandy suggested adding in that response she should move on. He said, “I told him to move on with his life and that’s when he begged me to meet him.”
The woman shared that since she refused Evans’ request to ‘meet’, he had been harassing her with numerous phone calls and messages. She showed up twice in the place where she even ventures her trade.
Messages seen in this publication from Evans to Sandy on WhatsApp, showed Evans using a series of specific words to address the woman.
Not only did she refer to him by an abusive set of names, but he noted that she and her children, most of them women, would be hurt.
Screenshots of the conversations showed that Evans missed more than 10 calls via WhatsApp for one day. The woman said it was something she does regularly when adding, that this would be followed by a number of abusive comments.
The scared and frustrated woman said the most recent incident with Evans happened last Friday. “I was at my bread stall and about 17: 53 hours, a car drove up to my stall and then I noticed Stravo… he started cursing and threatening me,” a frightened Sandy shared.
According to the woman, at the time when Evans drove up to the stall she was in the company of two relatives. He said shortly after the incident, he went to Ruimveldt Police Station to make a report.
Sandy said, “While I was at the station to make a report, the officer picked up a piece of white paper. He started writing, but then stopped and went to talk to his senior officer. When the officer came back he told me to take a restraining order against Evans. ”
Under the belief that a restraining order would not protect her from Evans, the woman did not follow the officers’ advice. He said, “I don’t think a piece of paper can protect me. He is a man who would do what he says. ”Despite her concerns, the teacher said she had been encouraged to obtain the restraining order. She is expected to do so today.
Following the report to the police, the teacher said she had returned to her stand.
The mother contacted him not long after Evans appeared again and continued to curse and threaten her. “My aunt who was at the stand at the time walked over to the road and spoke to him [Evans] but I don’t know what they talked about, but I heard her say ‘You can’t do that, that’s my niece, “he added.
According to Sandy, after two cases were cursed and threatened in one day, Evans was not satisfied, for about 23: 15hrs the same night, she heard a car honking in front of her home. When she checked, Evans was causing the commotion.
He said Evans had continued that behavior for at least five minutes before leaving.
During the interview the woman expressed concerns that Evans’ behavior could make friends and family afraid of being around, thereby leaving her feeling more isolated and vulnerable. The woman also said she is concerned for the safety of her children, her colleagues, and other individuals with whom she socializes.
Sandy said, “… I know Stravo, if he can’t reach me directly he would chase me in other ways.”
Another option the woman is looking at as it relates to her teaching job, is to speak to her bosses at the Ministry of Education to request early retirement or resignation as she knows the situation can get worse.
“Most nights I get up and cry… I thought I was out. I thought I would be able to put all that happened behind me, but I realized this is not over until Stravo gets what he wants, ”said the frightened woman.