Motorcyclist dies in Linden Highway crash

Dayle Jordan died instantly Friday night after he crashed his motorcycle into a motor elevator on the Yarrowkabra Public Road, Soesdkye / Linden Highway; his 29-year-old female friend, who was the millionaire cyclist, is a patient at Georgetown Public Hospital.

They both live in La Retraite, West Bank Demerara. Police Headquarters, in a statement, stated that the accident occurred at approximately 23:30h.

Jordan is alleged to have overtaken a car and crashed into the pickup that was proceeding north along the west side of the road. The pickup was driven by a 51-year-old resident of Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice.
Jordan and his friend were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and Jordan was pronounced dead.

Police said the driver of the pickup was found to exceed the legal limit of alcohol by .77% and .70% micrograms. He is in custody assisting with the investigation.