My Made in Guyana 2020 Christmas Gift Guide (Part I)

This #MadeinGuyana Christmas list aims to improve awareness and sales of products created by Guyanese – products that can stand high on display shelves and are clearly worthy of your sponsorship.

The great thing about buying something that is #MadeinGuyana is knowing that you are directly helping to promote Guyana and Guyanese and stimulate the local economy, while definitely promoting the concept of ‘buy local’.

Personally, I have tried all of these products, otherwise, they have been highly recommended by someone I trust. This is part one of a two-part series, look out for part two next week.

1. For Our Nation’s Lovers – We’re One by Leon Labastide (@LeonLabastide)

Available for $ 15.95, on and coming soon to bookstores in Guyana.

A tribute to the country we love so much, written through the author’s poetic lens of one-aspect. “We are One” explores what makes Guyana attractive to those who are indigenous to the land and can bear on our forthcoming wealth.

2. For the Skin Care Devotee – Facials in Skin Coal (@Glo_Guyana)

You can order a face at their Rahaman’s Park spa for an oasis-like experience on a busy day, or give someone a Coal Box and treat it to a world-class spa experience in the comfort of their own home. That’s a win-win.

3. For the Fragrancier – Little Otter Candles (@LittleOtterCandles)

As I write this, I am enveloped in a lavender enclosure created for me by this candle company’s “I am Complete Lavender Sage” scent. Little Otter Candles are perfect for anyone who likes to add layers to the atmosphere of their environment. Regular candles retail at $ 3,000 per 8 oz. jar. Their Christmas collection retails at $ 1,200 each, or all 3 Christmas scents for $ 3,500.

4. For the Wine Connoisseurs – GT Wines (@ gt.wines)

Raise your palate with these wines made from a variety of our local fruits. They will transform the way you look at childhood favorites like jamoon and passion fruit, and completely raise the bar on your experience with local wines.

5. For the Epicurean – Private Chef Service by Le Chef Catering (@Le_chef_dustin)

The chef curates a weekly menu with a very limited run, which gives the food the selectivity it deserves. Chef Dustin is exceptional in mind blowing taste pairs. If its public menus are amazing, I can’t imagine the pleasure that a meal specifically crafted for you would offer.

6. For the Warlord – Paintball Adventure with Kendallz Extreme Sports (@Kendallz_extreme_sports_gy on Instagram)

Escape Georgetown and explore the glory of our jungle for an incredible experience that marries strategic thinking and physical effort. Great opportunity to build a team but equally effective at blowing steam away. The founder has designed a program that really demonstrates his passion for the sport.

7. For the Roadster – Go-Kart Racing at GT Motorsports (@GTMotorsportsGY)

Give a group or individual and guarantee them a great time living their best Formula One dream for at least five laps. This one is for your friends who don’t know what slow is.

Part II of my Gift List will appear in the Christmas Day issue of the Stabroek Business.