Nabaclis House, ECD on fire
A 27-year-old man from Lot 63 Section C, Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara (ECD) has now died after he allegedly set fire to himself and his parents’ house.
Phineas Headley, also known as “Tall Man”, dies. Reports are that the man’s relatives said they heard a loud explosion and screaming around 16: 50h on Tuesday and saw Headley lying in the yard.
According to Police, Guyana Fire Service was summoned and the fire extinguished. Headley was rushed to Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent surgery, but subsequently surrendered at 21: 50h on Tuesday.
When contacted, a relative of the now deceased man revealed he was at home when they found out that black smoke was emanating from Headley’s home. When they rushed to the scene, they saw that the single-storey wooden building was engulfed in flames and the man was lying on the ground in the yard with burns about his body.
Dying: Phineas Headley
“It was good all morning. He was walking around earlier in the day … We heard the shouts … and when we ran over, he was on the ground and we tried to call people and warn people. Then we called the fire engine etc…, ”said a family member.
Based on information reached by Guyana Times, Headley and a woman he was in contact with had a heated argument earlier in the day over accusations of infidelity.
However, when asked about the debate, a member of the Headley family said “he has someone else, but the person no longer lives there … people would usually say their own thing … he lives there on his alone ”.
Headley lived in the house for about two years before he met his demise.
Meanwhile, residents who were also at the scene when they arrived, said Headley was still alive and “trembling like a leaf”.
“It was shaking uncontrollably and that’s when they wrapped it with a sheet. His tongue was all out of his mouth … his skin was burning badly. Then they put him in the car to take him to hospital and then we later heard, he died while he was going, ”one resident told this publication. (G9)

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