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Nail Technician Evanjalie… on a mission to turn each end of the room

“We have a contribution to make to our society and the exposure helps us a lot with that.”

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By Sueann Wickham

The 14-year-old nail technician: Evanjalie Deidre Nelson.

Kaieteur News – While many have been constrained by the COVID-19 pandemic and its sporadic effects on the world, 14-year-old Evanjalie Deidre Nelson has boosted her own business venture as a nail technician. She has already attracted the attention of the Guyanese public and in remarkable fashion as well. She is one of the many young entrepreneurs who have launched businesses in the midst of the ongoing global pandemic. In fact, the pandemic was the driving force behind our entrepreneur’s recent successes. Nelson, who recently turned 14, owns her own nail technician business, “The Nail Room by Evanjalie,” and uses her creative skills to her advantage.

Some of her wonderful work

In an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News, Nelson, with the introduction of the COVID-19 virus to Guyana last March, and the need for quarantine, which eventually led to school closures, revealed that she had given her the necessary time to boost to the enterprise. She mentioned having a lot of time on her hands while away from school and it was an opportunity she couldn’t waste. As she reflected on her journey that led to the start-up of the business, she mentioned being drawn into the nail technology industry because she found it an interesting area where she could explore the depths of her creativity. Adding to that, she noted that she had always been fascinated by nail art so it was natural for her to pursue something that naturally sparked her interest. Her main inspiration for becoming a nail technician and young business owner included her mother, Jennifer Ciprani, and her longing for financial independence at an early age. What’s even more impressive is that she started practicing nail art in July last year and by December she was already taking clients. In less than six months, the young nail tech seems to have mastered her craft, while continuing to explore ways to boost her creativity and the services offered.

Further, Nelson, who attends Diamond High School on the east bank of Demerara, said it can sometimes be difficult to manage a business, while still having to attend her classes almost at home. However, to remedy that situation, he decided to take bookings only when there are no classes and at weekends. As it was during the pandemic that she launched and registered success, Nelson does not care about the fluctuation of sales, as many people will access her services when needed and many of the people she attends, worried about protecting themselves. of the virus. And on that note, it sought to highlight the fact that it is taking strict precautionary measures to protect itself and clients from the virus. Nelson believes that creative young people, much like her, deserve more exposure locally. In fact, she said, “We have a contribution to make to our society and the exposure helps us a lot with that.” She also believes the government should allow young people operating a business and set up at least five years before they are required to pay onerous taxes, and she is convinced that it will be valued if the government decides to include measures that can help small businesses thrive in its agenda. That includes starting up money for the small business to get the right start, as well as training courses to equip them with the necessary skills before the money is paid to them. wants to have her own nail studio, she hopes she can be an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs or any young person looking to venture into entrepreneurship.