The new Wismar Police Station under construction in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice)

The new Wismar Police Station, under construction in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), is now between 35 and 40 percent complete, as work continues to move rapidly on the building, the construction of which is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
According to a supervisor in charge of the work, the inclement weather pattern has posed some challenges to construction, but a roof is expected to be built soon in hopes of cushioning the effects of the inclement weather pattern.
When completed, the new structure is expected to house offices, officers’ barracks rooms, holding cells, and an outside car park, all of which were not included in the old structure.
The project, which started in September last year, was due to be completed within a year.
Divisional Police Manager, Senior Superintendent Hugh Winter praised the move as a step in the right direction, noting that the new facility was expected to have more suitable and spacious amenities and accommodation. According to the Winter Divisional Commander, the old building lacked some departments and offices, but contained only about 4 main offices. The Regional Manager has advised that when completed, the new building would have additional offices.
“It will provide for new offices, such as an interview room and so on. (The previous structure did not have) such facilities … so this will have various offices. They never had an Inspector’s Office, but they will get one now, ”Winter had noted.
A contractor from Region Three (Essequibo-West Demerara Islands) is working on the project. In the meantime, policing services at the Wismar location would continue to be held from a neighboring building.
In 2018, a new Police Divisional Headquarters was commissioned at Mackenzie Police Station at a cost of $ 117M. (G13)

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